5 December 2019

Historie c108

New Historie chapter, finally. And yeah I know, I've hardly released anything aside from a few Futago no Teikoku chapters in the past few months, and the few extra chapters of an alternative version of The Distant Dawn that I did with Illuminati-Manga (I didn't update that on my blog here so go see here or the mangadex page). I still haven't even gotten around to finishing off the last chapter of Shiji v04! Ugh...

What can I say other than when you're busy, you're busy? Don't worry though, I'm still planning to translate for the rest of my life so my various projects will eventually get done. I'm here for the long haul...

Historie c108:   Mega


  1. Thank you for your many translations, time gets expensive as we grow ;) I don't find time to find new series to read so I stick with the ones I started so thanks for historie.

  2. Oh i totally missed One Day in the Life of Ivan Dejavu, thanks for the update!

    And for the new History chapter!

  3. "I'm still planning to translate for the rest of my life"

    I don't know if that will be long enough to see the end of Historie...

  4. i love u and im jealous of what preoccupies your time..

  5. Great news and thanks for translate.

    In the end of chapter, it´s read 01/24/2020, maybe we have a new chapter soon in Japan (I Hope so).

  6. You're a treasure