25 September 2013

Gyanki-Hen Volume 10 (Oct 11)

At last, chapter 79 means volume 9 is done, meaning just 1 more volume left in Gyanki-Hen! I know the Kijurou arc has been going on a little too long and would've benefited from being about 2 volumes shorter, but I hope you're still enjoying it nonetheless. Don't you worry, the final volume in Zero Part 2 will definitely bring this arc to a close and a likely return to the original plot-line, with a cameo by a certain someone.
To my raw-provider, if you're reading this, can you scan the cover page for me as well?
Fukumoto really loves dem wordplay.

Fixed version of c86 updated.

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9 September 2013

Battle for Chengdu

Volume 35 is finally done and so is the conquest of Shu. Though Wei, Wu, and Shu are nominally still a part of Han, you can pretty much think of this as the start of the Three Kingdoms. For the volume release, I fixed the error with pages 174 and 175 of chapter 224, and I finally bothered to update and reorganize the cast of characters list. I took out most of the really minor characters and tried to make it more compact, with only 10 people per page. I know 99% of you don't really look at it, but for that 1% who originally requested I make some character chart, I hope you're finding it somewhat useful.

Also, volume 35 makes a pretty good stopping point, so I urge people who've still yet to try Sangokushi to not worry about the series length or update speed and give the first couple volumes a read. You can find all volumes here: mediafire.com/sangokushi

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4 September 2013

Gyanki-Hen Volume 9 (Sept 24)

Volume 8's now done with chapter 70! Volume 9 will follow shortly and I'll make the updates in this post. In other news, I hear FKMTcrazy is looking to get some help (translators, editor/cleaners, typesetters, etc.) So if you enjoy reading Fukumoto manga and can help out, you should head over to their site and leave a comment.
And here we go with volume 9!
I hope the explanation in the chapter makes sense to those unfamiliar with Japanese. I tried to explain it without going too tl note heavy and using a lot of Japanese terms.
It's possible to figure out what Zero realized after reading this chapter if you've been paying close attention.

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