27 November 2011

Goodnight Takashi v09 + Minor Status Update

Enough with the walls of text already, Asano. You're driving me crazy.
Alright, managed to get the entire volume done by the end of the weekend. Mission accomplished. The batch volume file I've linked below fixed a couple minor errors I've made in earlier releases but let me know if you spot any other issues. Now that the volume's done, I guess it's back to 6-8 months of waiting while we all complain about how slow Punpun releases are! This time, it's going to be particularly tough after the way this volume ended.

In other news, my new mediafire is <www.mediafire.com/hoxbox> I'm still in the midst of uploading all the stuff I've translated over the years, however. If you're wondering what the hell happened to Franken Fran, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about it. I've just been caught up doing other things as of late. But I'll try to get the 2 chapters of Fran that I'm behind on out as soon as possible, along with Zero and another Phase 20 oneshot that Kigitsu recently released. Otherwise, don't expect too much from me this December. If all goes well, I'll come out of my "break" from scanlation this January and resume work on Joe and Sangokushi. That's it for now, folks!

Goodnight Punpun c99:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun v09:   Mediafire

25 November 2011

Punpun v9 (last updated Nov. 27)

And the wait is over! Well... I guess not quite since you still have to wait for it to get translated. I'm not sure how fast I can get the volume done, but I'll try to pump out at least 2 chapters per day until I'm through. And yes, I know that my mediafire has 404'd. Seems that my old account was deleted because it linked to the root folder or something. I don't know. But I'm in the midst of making a new one and uploading everything again. On a related note, does anybody know of any other good filesharing sites other than mediafire (preferably without any annoying load times) that allows for easy organization?
Nice self-insert there, Asano. Getting quite meta, aren't we?
What is with anime/manga's obsession with collective consciousness anyways?
First manga, and now commentary on the Tohoku Earthquake?
And you thought Punpun had problems.
95's done and I uploaded a fixed version of 94. Also, my new mediafire is www.mediafire.com/hoxbox
Mimura's such a bro.
How vulgar.
Guess who's back.

Goodnight Punpun c90:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun c91:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun c92:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun c93:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun c94:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun c95:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun c96:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun c97:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun c98:   Mediafire