27 September 2015

Sangokushi v52 (complete)

And with chapter 365, the first Northern campaign draws to a disappointing close for Kongming. Although this campaign serves as a build-up for the more protracted showdown between Kongming and Sima Yi later on, you should keep in mind that in history, the only thing Sima Yi actually did was put down Meng Da's revolt. So Cao Zhen, despite getting an unflattering treatment in the novel, can claim most of the credit along with Zhang He for the successful Wei defense.

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24 September 2015

New Year's Eve [oneshot]

A guy emailed me with the raws of a Asano Inio oneshot that was part of the menthol cigarette anthology a couple days ago. Since it was short, I thought I'd do it now before getting started on the next Sangokushi volume. Nothing extraordinary, but a cute little story that manages to use cigarettes in its story without seeming like blatant advertising or subliminal SMOKE NOW messaging. Oh, how Kate would disapprove...
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15 September 2015

Sangokushi v51 (complete)

Chapters 355 and 356 are out, bringing v51 to a close. For the batch volume release, I made the last update to the cast of characters pages I ever will. Looking back, it's definitely been a sloppy over the years, but maybe at least 2 or 3 people found it helpful. 

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