18 September 2011

Break Continues (sort of)

So yeah, as the title says, my semi-break will unfortunately continue. My previous claim that the break will end around September is now retracted and changed to this December. As a former manga-reading leecher, I know how much it sucks when people provide free service really slowly. It is quite ironic how this break came now of all times because when asked some time ago if I really plan to finish the 60-volume-behemoth that is Sangokushi, I jokingly responded I would cockblock everyone by disappearing at the climax of Red Cliffs. So feel free to complain to your heart's content. It's probably nothing compared to the guy who once complained about how I couldn't release new Vinland Saga chapters faster than Yukimura could draw them.

Once again, the semi-break means I'll only translate the monthlies, meaning no Sangokushi and Tomorrow's Joe (I've found a volunteer to help me with this so you don't need to worry/apply). In case you didn't read the small update on Zero, that's been switched to volume releases since weekly scans are no longer to be found on the internet as far as I'm sure. As for Math Girls, I'll try my best to finish the final volume since I initially picked it up ignoring my semi-break status.

P.S. Oh, almost forgot, the new Punpun volume is going to be out in Japan this October 28th. If my kind and generous raw provider buys and sends me scans like before, I probably will get to it quickly enough since we all know SHIT WILL PROBABLY GO DOWN in the newest volume.

3 September 2011

Franken Fran, Now With 100% More Furry.

Franken Fran c56 is out, thanks to Amuro. As for Zero c7, haven't seen any raws this week which would probably mean that there was a break so c7 should come out next week.

Small Zero update: c7 actually was released last week, and c8 was also released this week. However, the guy who usually scans them and puts them up on the internet seems to be either gone or not scanning Zero anymore for some reason. So unless situations change, looks like doing volume releases may be my only option now.

Franken Fran c56:   Mediafire