7 December 2011

Kirisuke and Johnny

Wasn't planning on doing this oneshot so soon, but it's been several months since I promised the anonymous who kindly scanned this for me and I felt guilty about just sitting on it for so long. In any case, the oneshot is called Kirisuke and Johnny, The Slaying of 499, by Enomoto Shunji. Perhaps you don't recognize the name, but I'm sure some of you will remember Enomoto's other oneshot, The Family Zoo. After all, who could ever forget that story? Seriously, if you haven't read it, go do so. It's another fine example of WHY JAPAN? But back to talking about Kirisukue and Johnny. This one's not really weird at all for an Enomoto manga. Just 112 pages full of dynamic action, speed lines, and minimal dialogue. A fun short read. I hope you enjoy it!

Kirisuke and Johnny, The Slaying of 499:   Mediafire

6 December 2011

Gyanki-Hen Volume 1

Hurray, volume 1 of Gambling Emperor Zero (aka Gyanki-Hen) is out! Unfortunately, it only gives us one additional chapter to what I had previously translated from the magazine raws... But no need to fret because volume 2 comes out in Japan next week! Of course, we'll have to wait for some moonlander to scan it and I probably won't be able to work on it until January, but we'll have 9-10 new chapters soon enough. Until then, enjoy Zero trolling Kyousuke with physics!

Gyanki-Hen c007:   Mediafire
Gyanki-Hen v01:   Mediafire (c1-6 are just the regular magazine scans, while 7 is the only one that used the better quality volume scans)