26 June 2011

Summer Break (sort of)

Time for some good news and bad news. The good news is that Franken Fran c51 is out. The bad news is that I'll be going on a translation-break of sorts for the summer (up until September, I suppose) due to real life reasons. Now this doesn't mean that there won't be no new releases as I'll still be doing the monthlies but I won't be working at my usual pace.

So in short, series that'll be affected are:
Tomorrow's Joe (yes, yes, I feel bad about all the delays too, especially since Rikiishi vs Joe is up next)
Sangokushi (sorry, wait until fall for the climax of the Red Cliffs battle)

Series that won't be affected:
Historie (though Iwaaki is also taking a break of his own for 2 months)
Vinland Saga
Franken Fran

Also, as I've mentioned before, I've already finished translating Waters and hopefully the group I'm collaborating with  for cleaning/typesetting will be also done sometime in the coming weeks. And as for NASA, Happy Scans and I should have it done sometime during this summer as well (we're half-done right now). Oh one more thing, I will fix a few more errors in Punpun in a few days which I'll add under the other post. That's it for now, enjoy your summer people.

Franken Fran c51:   Mediafire

23 June 2011

Historie c70 (no Vinland Saga this month)

Another month, another chapter of Historie. If only this was always the case but sadly it's not, meaning no new chapters for the next 2 whole months. Goddamn it, Iwaaki. Why now of all times... Maybe it has to do with the new Black Jack remake manga that he's going to be collaborating on with Masaaki Nakayama, but that's not starting until this September... Oh well, enjoy the chapter.

*Update: No Vinland Saga this month as Yukimura suddenly decided to take a break for the month due to personal circumstances. (source: Yukimura's twitter)

Historie c70:   Mediafire

18 June 2011


Another fix on a stupid mistake I made, this time in Goodnight Punpun. Turns out, I forgot to include the last page of v3 and in v2, I forgot to do 2 other pages because I thought it was just a preview of volume 3, but it turned out it was just a little something extra. Thank you to the anonymous who noticed this and told me about it. I've uploaded the fixed volumes, but you can just get the pages separately in the links below as well.

My apologies again for sloppy mistakes.

Goodnight Punpun v2:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun v3:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun v2 missing pages only:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun v3 missing pages only:   Mediafire

17 June 2011

Prelude to the Battle of Cliffs

As promised yesterday, c143 is complete, meaning that v25 is also complete! If this is your first introduction to Romance of the Three Kingdoms, it's not hard to see why the Battle of Red Cliffs and the events leading up to it are one of the best remembered parts of this long epic. Deceit upon deceit upon deceit (though still to a very reasonable and believable extent). Poor Cao Cao, it's hard to have much of a chance when you've got Zhou Yu, Zhuge Liang, and Pang Tong all working against you. The only thing that Yokoyama (or maybe it's Eiji Yoshikawa) deliberately chose to omit in this volume is Cao Cao killing Liu Fu, imperial protector of Yangzhou, out of a drunken rage. Like a few other scenes in previous volumes, it was most likely removed to portray Cao Cao in a better light.
Also, I caught a mistake on p104 of the previous volume 24. I accidentally typed 500,000 and 300,000 instead of 50,000 and 30,000. My bad, the link for the fixed v24 is posted below.

Sangokushi c143:   Mediafire
Sangokushi v24:   Mediafire
Sangokushi v25:   Mediafire (p131 typo fixed)

16 June 2011

Sangokushi v25 (will finish by June 17 no matter what)

Alright, you've all waited long enough and it's time for this Sangokushi v25. Going to be try my hardest to get the entire volume done by sometime tomorrow but I'll upload chapter by chapter as soon as I finish them. Here's the first one for now.

Ahh, the arrow stratagem. Perhaps one of the most, if not the most, memorable scenes in Romance of the Three Kingdoms though sadly fictitious.
Poor Lu Su... I'm sure the real you in history was a much more impressive man.
So close, Cao Cao. If I ever learned anything from multiple choice tests, it's to always go with your first instincts.
At last, enter the phoenix.
Remember Xu Shu, guys? Sadly enough, I think this is the last time we ever hear about him in the book and this manga.

Sangokushi c137:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c138:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c139:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c140:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c141:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c142:   Mediafire

12 June 2011

Journey to the End of the World

At last, Journey to the End of the World is fully scanlated! A big hand of thanks goes out to Mangascreener and Band of Hawks for originally starting this project, and GWR for later taking the initiative to finish it. In case you haven't heard anything about this manga, the story is basically about the absurdly bizarre adventures a man has on his journey to escape his repetitive dull life. Some chapters are obviously rife with social commentary, others are humorous and tragic while a few are... just plain bizarre.

If you enjoyed reading Journey to the End of the World, I would recommend you go try out Sadness of the Heart (another manga by the Nishioka siblings) which has more or less the same type of stories.

Journey to the End of the World:   Mediafire

4 June 2011

Ping Pong Prologue

Revil linked me to a download link of the raws for a special prologue chapter of Matsumoto Taiyou's Ping Pong that was included in some special edition of Ping Pong, kind of like how the bunkouban versions of No.5 also come with a prologue not present in the normal tankoubons (which reminds me I have to go scan that for GWR). Since KEFI worked from the regular tankoubons and nobody else had translated the prologue yet, I took a little time out of my schedule to do it. So here you go, folks. And if you haven't read Ping Pong already, GO READ IT. Also watch the live action movie adaptation, it's pretty good despite the trend of most movie adaptations of manga being mediocre at best.

Ping Pong c0 (prologue):   Mediafire