Completed Projects

Some of these synopsis may sound a little boring, but please do give these manga a chance. 

To download, you can either use the links below, which lead you to my mega box... (or Dropbox #1, Dropbox #2, Dropbox #3). 

Completed Doujins/Oneshots

Canine Evangelion: An eva-parody by Karasawa Naoki. DL links: MegaDropbox.

New Year's End: Asano Inio's oneshot about unrequited love, growing up, and cigarettes. DL links: Mega

Doraemon (Matsumoto Taiyou): A oneshot about the effects of time travel on Nobita from Doraemon. DL links: MegaDropbox.

Driyasfabrik Shorts: A doujin of various scenes from popular manga rendered in Mizuki Shigeru's artstyle. 
DL links: Mega;Dropbox.

Ever 17 Shorts: Miscellaneous Ever 17 doujins. Originally part of a 1-volume anthology (didn't feel like doing all of it). DL links: Mega; Dropbox.

Flower: A oneshot by Matsumoto Taiyou about a family of mask-makers and a reclusive son who can communicate with spirits. DL links: Mega; Dropbox.

Hiroko After School: Matsumoto Jiro's oneshot about high school girls armed with flowers and guns. DL links: Mega; Dropbox.

Jurassic Academy: Love blooms in an academy for dinosaurs. DL links:   Mega

Kirisuke and Johnny, Slaying of 999: Oneshot about two wandering ronin tasked with attacking a bandit lair. Good ol' senseless violence all around. DL links: Mega; Dropbox

Mud: Oneshot about a girl who goes to extreme lengths to find love and fill the void in her life... with the help of S&M play! This is one of the several oneshots included in Yamashita Tomoko's Satanic Sweets. I've only translated this single oneshot, however. DL links: Mega; Dropbox

Phase 20: Aboard the luxury liner Phase 20, a girl named Ran finds herself and the rest of the crew taken hostage by the illusive and nefarious "20 Faces." Kigitsu has so far only drawn 2 chapters of Phase 20 presently. It's unknown if and when he'll continue this series. DL links: Mega; Dropbox.

Ping Pong (chapter 0): Not really a oneshot, but a prologue chapter to Matsumoto Taiyou's Ping Pong. DL links: Mega; Dropbox.

Shiru Shiru Shierke!!: An x-rated comedy doujin about Gutts from Berserk and his "dragonslayer." DL links: Mega; Dropbox. A sequel titled "Kuru Kuru Sonia" was also made. DL links: Mega; Dropbox.

Survival of the Dead: A promotional oneshot for George A. Romero's film of the same name by the mangaka of Franken Fran. DL links: Mega; Dropbox.

Tamurabon: A NSFW doujin of Iwaaki's sci-fi thriller Parasyte. DL links: Mega; Dropbox.

Unidentified Cycling Object: Abe Yoshitoshi's oneshot which was included in a series of books called Robot. DL links: Mega; Dropbox.

Completed Manga

Alexandros: A biography of Alexander the Great and his dreams of world conquest as he grows from a boy who worships Achilles into a tyrant self-assured in his divinity. DL links:   Mega

Baka & Gogh: A wonderful tale of friendship, love, and maturity between 2 idiots and their female friend, whom they both pine for. This manga also contains 4 oneshots in addition to the main story. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Biomega: An action manga about agents sent to retrieve a human with the ability to resist the NS4 infection plaguing the world. I translated only c35~End, picking up from where Evil Genius left off at. It's available for torrent on, along with Tsutomu's other works.

Bokurano: A tragedy about a group of 15 children who agree to play a game in which they'll protect Earth from invaders, a choice that will cause them to ponder about life and death. I translated this from c55~End, picking up where other groups have left off at. It's available for torrent on

Brothers of Japan: A collection of miscellaneous oneshots by Matsumoto Taiyou. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Chronicle of the Clueless Age: A collection of short stories that deal with the common troubles of teenhood, but told through a uniquely creative and surrealist approach. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Dance! Kremlin Palace: A comedy that pokes fun at various aspects of communism and Soviet Russia. I only translated c9-end, picking up where Cheap Manga left off at. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Dream Toy Factory: Kago Shintarou's collection of black-humour stories that are disgustingly offensive. I only translated chapters 2, 4, 7-end, picking up where others have left off at. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Franken Fran: A black comedy in which Dr. Fran uses her almost supernatural-like medical skills to help her patients, often with unintended hilarious outcomes. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Goodnight Punpun: Witness the titular Punpun - who is depicted as a tiny, caricatured bird (or sometimes in other geometrical shapes) in an otherwise normal human setting - as he copes with his dysfunctional family and friends, his love interest, his oncoming adolescence and his hyperactive mind. DL links: MegaDownload Here.

Happiness: Furuya Usamaru's collection of oneshots that are somber in mood. I only translated c8-end, picking up where others have left off at. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Innocent Children's Crusade: Furuya Usamaru's take on the famous Children's Crusade of 1212. Violence, sex, and heresy galore. DL links:   Mega

Journey to the End of the World: A disturbing, humorous, and surrealist journey of a man who leaves his home to escape the monotony of life. I only translated from c8-end, picking up where other groups have left off at. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Legend of the Strongest Man Kurosawa: A comedy/drama about a 44 year-old unmarried construction worker who wishes to find a greater purpose or meaning in his life. Chapters 18-20 were not done by me but another group. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Lives of Eccentrics: Araki and Onikubo's collection of short stories about famous eccentrics in history such as Nikola Tesla or Ty Cobb. The Tesla chapter was not done by me but another group. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Mathematical Girls: Math + Romance = Awesome. 'Nuff said. I've been asked to take down the links since it's now licensed but for those who still want it, grab the torrent at

Mirai Nikki: An action manga about a boy who, after receiving the ability to record the future in his cell phone diary, participates in a survival game in which the winner will become god. I translated this from c38-End, picking up where other groups left off. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Mugen Utamaro: Nagai Go's Japanese take on Oscar Wilde's classic, The Picture of Dorian GrayDL links: Mega; Download Here.

NASA: A collection of 10 short stories spanning 12 chapters, NASA is representative of Naoki Urasawa's style before his success as an author of psychological thrillers. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Noramimi: A heartwarming comedy about a world in which mascots live with humans and befriend children. I translated this from c35-end, picking up where Mangascreener left off at. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Obrigado!: Katou Shinkichi's collection of oneshots, ranging from drama to comedy. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Palepoli: 4-panel comedy like you've never seen before, rife with references, parodies, and the grotesque. A few pages were done by Viz and not by me. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

People of the Desert: Miyazaki Hayao's manga about an orphan who struggles to fight off foreign invaders. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

R is for Rocket: Hagio Moto's 1-volume manga adaptation of 8 short stories by Ray Bradbury, including R is for Rocket. DL links: Mega; Downlaod Here.

Sangokushi: Yokoyama Mitsuteru's faithful adaptation of the Chinese classic, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. A true classic in manga history. DL links: Mega;   Mediafire

Sea of Fallen Beasts: Collection of sci-fi oneshots by Hoshino Yukinobu, this time set mostly in the present or past. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Seizon: A thriller about a father diagnosed with cancer who resolves to track down his daughter's murderer before his death. I only translated this from c16-end, picking up where Kotonoha left off at. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Stardust Memories: Hoshino Yukinobu's collection of short stories all set in the futuristic spacetravel-age. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Takemitsu Zamurai: A drama about an eccentric rounin samurai who moves into Edo but cannot escape his past. DL links: Mega; Download Here.

Tomorrow's Joe: Joe Yabuki is a young man living in the slums of Tokyo. But, one day he meets Danpei Tange, a former boxer, who discovers his potential in boxing and tries to make him into a champion. And thus begins a new life for both Joe and Danpei, as they reach for a brighter tomorrow. Download Here.

Waters: In the midst of a blazing hot summer beset by water shortages, middle-school girl Chinami faints from heat exhaustion. Upon waking up, she finds herself in a mysterious town by a beautifully pristine river whose waters hide many secrets... DL links: Mega; Download Here.

ZERO (Matsumoto Taiyou): A drama about the life of Goshima, an undefeated world-champion boxer who can only live inside the ring. DL links: Mega; Download Here.