27 November 2016

Soil v9 (complete)

In case you haven't noticed, I've been slow on the updates but I've got more free time now so onto volume 9 we go! It shouldn't take long before this volume is done, I promise.

*Update: And v9 is now complete! There won't be any v10 chapters until January.

Soil v9:   Mega

Soil v9 c65:   Mega
Soil v9 c66:   Mega
Soil v9 c67:   Mega
Soil v9 c68:   Mega
Soil v9 c69:   Mega
Soil v9 c70:   Mega
Soil v9 c71:   Mega
Soil v9 c72:   Mega

7 November 2016

Yakeppachi no Maria v2 (complete)

Whew, Yakeppachi no Maria is done at last! Didn't think a 2-volume project would take so long, but you know how real life can be. Like I said before, and as Tezuka himself states in the translated afterword included at the end of v2, Yakeppachi no Maria's is Tezuka's "yakeppachi" at the rapidly changing manga world of the late 60s and 70s where the younger generations were eager to break taboos that the older generations had been confined to. With this context in mind, I think it's a neat little work that deserves to be translated even if the execution wasn't great (talk about a rushed ending!). For a legend like Tezuka, sometimes, the intent is as interesting as to read into as much as the actual works themselves, and Happyscans and I hope that reading this manga has given you a better idea into Tezuka and his career.