22 September 2014


I bring you a batch release of chapters 258-265, which finishes off volume 40 meaning....... I'm now 66.666666infinity6666% done with Sangokushi! It's pretty incredible to think I've now done 40 Sangokushi volumes, which is already longer than most manga series. If I don't pick up any more new projects and keep up a pace of about 1.5 volumes/month (definitely doable), I'll actually be able to wrap this series up by the end of next year. That all depends on if I can resist the temptation of picking up a whole bunch of shorter projects, but I'll try my best to give a good final spurt on the final third of this journey since I'd hate it if life handed me the short stick and I had to die with this regret hanging over my mind.

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15 September 2014

Chaeronea at last!

I wasn't expecting to see Chaeronea so soon (I was thinking maybe 2 more chapters before the battle) but thank god we're finally here!

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7 September 2014

Battles at Han River

Chapter 257 marks the end of this volume. It's straight-off to the 40s now! (once I get the new Historie chapter out)

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