24 June 2014

Sangokushi v38 (last updated July 3)

Time for v38. You're in for one entertaining volume full of Wei-Shu clashes.
It's nice to see Cao Hong learning from his past blunders, but it is odd to see Zhange He being so reckless. There was a brief clash between him and Ma Chao (after he took shelter with Zhang Lu of Hanzhong) in which he defeated Ma Chao so perhaps his overconfidence stemmed from that event.
Liu Bei might seem foolish for doubting his own brother, but I certainly think it's understandable. He's been burned  by Zhang Fei's drinking habits before and it never hurts to be too cautious.
Honestly, the most impressive thing about this battle isn't Zhang Fei's strategy but how easily Wei Yan was able to locate and ambush the ambushers, without tipping off Zhang He.
Like they have any choice in the matter... Still, these were the few opportunities that smart peasants throughout history could exploit to rise through the ranks, like with the local shepherd who became a noble for his help to the Christian Iberians at the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa.
Classic Kongming.
The question is... If the flames engulfed the mountain, how did Huang Zhong and Yan Yan manage to not get fucked over? And how did they manage to actually capture the base and make use of its supplies, rather than having it all get burnt to a crisp?

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23 June 2014

Historie v08

I haven't been inactive for the past two weeks for no reason. Yuki no Touge is translated and just waiting to be typeset by Illuminati-manga, and Historie v08 is done! As I've mentioned before, the volume chapters don't correspond in number to the magazine chapters because some of the shorter ones get merged into one, but volume 8 covers the magazine chapters 71-80. Much thanks go out to AMS for cleaning the volume and joining the double pages for me. I'm just sorry it took me half a year to actually get around to typesetting this volume. Well, enjoy Iwaaki-fans!

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6 June 2014

Black Knight Story

Well, I took about a whole week and a half longer than planned, but here's the full volume of Black Knight Story. I really apologize for the untranslated extra bits containing info on Tiger and M4 Sherman variations as well as sexy Nazi uniforms, but it really was far more work than I was willing to put into (I kept having to google every term to see what they were actually called in English so I said to hell with this). But honestly, if you're interested in that, you're far better off picking up an actual book on the subject than reading some poor translations of a guy who can't even distinguish between a Panther and a Tiger. In any case, I hope this is enough to satisfy that original guy who requested this project. Finally, I can start working on Yuki no Touge...

P.S. Page 125 (which technically should be p123 in my filename order) is missing from the raws. It's not that I forgot to include it.

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