15 March 2013

Tomorrow's Joe v12 (last updated May 1)

Time for us and Joe to get right back into it, after all the events of the last volume! Here's the first of many exciting chapters this volume.
Sorry for the long break between the chapters. First, I was preoccupied with other things for about 3 weeks and then my editor also was busy the past 2 weeks but I think we can get things rolling again. Chapter 3 should come hopefully later this week.
Short chapter but I hope you like it.

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5 March 2013

Alabaster Volume 1

Here it is folks, volume 1 of Alabaster! I hope the rather long delay between releases hasn't caused you to forget about this one, as Happyscans and I hope to wrap this series up with its 2nd volume before the end of the month. Speaking of Tezuka and Happyscans, you should check out their site as they recently released New Treasure Island, a monumental work not only to Tezuka's career but to manga as we now know it today.

*Update: Next volume of Zero is set to come out in Japan on Mar 15 but I'm going to spend most of my efforts this month on getting the last volume of Alabaster done before I move onto that (so think late March).

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