29 January 2015

Battle of Chaeronea (3)

This chapter actually came out in last month's issue of Afternoon, but I didn't realize that until like last week. Sorry, folks.

Also, CA is fucking incompetent for not having an orderly withdrawal button even after 15 years since the original Shogun Total war.

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6 January 2015

Some Thoughts on the Man and the Manga: Chinggis Khan

Happyscans and I finally bring you the last volume of Chinggis Khan, covering the brilliant, final two decades of his life. I meant to get this done by the end of December like I promised before, but what's life without a few bumps along the road? Now I know far more eloquent and well-learned people than me have already given their opinions on this controversial figure. Still, as a fan of history, there's no way I could pass up the opportunity to give my 2 cents on him, no matter how naive or poorly informed my ideas may be.

*Also, I'll be taking the rest of this month off to watch AGDQ2015 to be a more productive member to society.

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