21 April 2011

Franken Fran c49 and v6 Extra

Here's the v6 extra and c49 of Franken Fran, brought to you by Amuro and Vexed as usual. Yeah, I don't like the colour scheme for Gavrill either. In any case, c50 should be coming shortly by next week or so.

Franken Fran v6 Extra:   Mediafire
Franken Fran c49:   Mediafire

17 April 2011

Sangokushi v24 (last updated May 1)

I assume the Ashita no Joe fans will hate me for this but I've decided to do Sangokushi v24 before getting started on Joe. Partly because doing Punpun v8 delayed me back a week and a half so if I don't do v24 now, I wouldn't be able to fill my monthly quota, but also partly because I reeeeaaaaaallllly want to do this volume and get to the Battle of Red Cliffs. So my apologies again to Joe fans. Meanwhile for the Sangokushi fans, enjoy chapter 129 with Zhuge Liang being a one-man army debate team.
Sometimes, the best way for a diplomat to forge an alliance with a nation is to insult every officer and its leader. Also, what's the deal with Sun Quan forgetting about Zhou Yu? He's only like, the most important and talented person in all of Wu.
>implying that Zhuge Liang had no idea
 And so begins one of the most memorable rivalries in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
Incompetent!? I'll show him who's incompetent by walking into my own death trap! BRILLIANT. On another note, keen readers will realize this chapter mentions another story involving King Wen, not to be confused with Duke Wen, who was also mentioned previously in v22.
In the original novel, Liu Bei's pretty much clueless about the whole assassination thing, which is why I rather like the changes Yokoyama made in making Liu Bei seem more formidable. Also, I know Zhou Yu is looking kind of a like a dick so far (just like in the novel), but you'll see his brilliance soon enough.
Sadly, everyone's favourite former pirate Gan Ning doesn't have too many scenes in Sangokushi. But he will have one particularly memorable scene a few volumes later so we'll have to make do with that.

Sangokushi c129:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c130:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c131:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c132:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c133:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c134:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c135:   Mediafire

13 April 2011

Goodnight Punpun v8

With chapters 85-89 done, that wraps up volume 8 of Goodnight Punpun. Quite an excellent volume, indeed. I complained about Asano's text heavy approach on my previous site and wished he would pay more attention on the visual side of things and, lo and behold, that's exactly what he does in v8 by playing around with the pyramid representation of Punpun. Since v8 was released Feb.26 this year, don't expect v9 to be out until around 4 months or so from now and that's not taking into account of the time that it takes my kind anonymous raw provider having to go buy and scan it.

Goodnight Punpun v08:        Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun c85-86:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun c87-89:   Mediafire 

7 April 2011

Fran and Phase 20

So I know it's been quite awhile since the last Franken Fran release, but here's a new chapter and the special oneshot  Phase 20 (also done by Kigitsu, Franken Fran's mangaka) to make up for that! As usual, thanks go to Vexed for the scans and Amuro for the editing and his jokes (he's always responsible for those jokes at the end). Also, expect the special v6 omake in the near future.

Franken Fran c48:   Mediafire
Phase 20:   Mediafire

New Site and Punpun v8 (last updated Apr. 10)

So my old fluffypress site is still down so this'll be my new temporary (maybe permanent) site for now. As you may have heard, I'm not in charge of the fluffypress domain and I haven't been able to contact him so there's not much I can do about getting that site back online. Still got a lot of pages to update and add for this site but I'll get around to that eventually. Too lazy for that right now. Anyhoo, here's the first chapter of Goodnight Punpun v8. I finished v7 back a couple days ago in case you didn't know. And yes, I know I said I'd get to Tomorrow's Joe but I wasn't expecting on getting the raws for Goodnight Punpun v8 so soon. But I'll get to Joe once I finish up Punpun v8.

Goodnight Punpun c79:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun c80:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun c81-84:   Mediafire