26 August 2017

Historie Chapter 100

New Historie chapter. For some reason, it seems Iwaaki made Leonnatus' father Anteas hail from Orestis, even though the historical records say he was a royal noble of the Lynkestis kingdom that was annexed by Macedonia as can be seen in the above picture. If he wanted another famous historical figure, he could have instead chose Seleucus, since the records say his father was from Orestis. Who knows, maybe the change will have some significance later on.

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19 August 2017

Wombs v4 (complete)

Well, it certainly took a long time, but volume 4 is finally done! Hard to believe there's only one more volume left. It'll be a little while before I return to do the 5th and final volume though. I'm planning to spend the remainder of August and September doing volume 2 of Futago no Teikoku and volume 3 of Shiji. But after that, I'll finish up Wombs and translate some short projects that are long-overdue. As for Soil and Planet of Sutakola, please do be patient as that depends on how much free time I can steal from my editor's busy life.

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5 August 2017

Past and Present - 08/2017 (last updated Aug. 5)

Ughh, July was a real pain for me but it's finally over, meaning more free time at last! Hopefully I can finally do that post on Seeing Like a State like I wanted to 2 months ago but first, some current events stuff.

Translation of Wombs will be resuming btw, for those of you wondering what the fuck was going on.