26 March 2014

Tomorrow's Joe v17

Sorry it took so long to get v17 out. The delay's all my fault, really. I got sidetracked for about a week with other things, but in any case, only 3 more volumes to go! An April finish should be likely.

Hope you enjoyed the volume. There's a lot of fun character interactions in v17, rather than the usual training and fighting.

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9 March 2014

Tomorrow's Joe v16

Tomorrow's Joe v16 is out, bringing the fight with Kim to a thrilling conclusion and setting things up for the next arc. You may notice that Rivera and Jose are called "Libera" and "Hose" in the manga on page 232. But considering the manga has stuff like gimnasium for gymnasium, I'm just gonna ignore it and go with my gut instinct. Though concerning the name Pinang Sarawak, I've got no clue and I'm just reaching blindly. Next volume won't be out for at least 2 weeks, most likely.

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