24 August 2013

Historie Status Update

First off, let's all be glad that Historie had a new chapter this month! Woohoo! Apparently, as the author's note states, Iwaaki's workplace had a leak and "a lot" got wet and had to be salvaged. Also, in the aftermath of the affair, he also seems to have strained his body and had to allow his body to recuperate. For this reason, I assume, the last page of this Historie chapter now says it is on a bi-monthly schedule, meaning a chapter every other month. I don't know if this is temporary but I very much hope so, or we'll never see this manga end. Also, Historie v8 just went on sale in Japan, so I'll eventually try to put out better scanlations using the tankoban raws when I can find it like I did with v7.

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20 August 2013

Sangokushi v35 (last updated Sept 7)

GET HYPE. ZHANG FEI VS. MA CHAO. The duel of all duels, coming this volume! Also, it can be rather humorous to come across such romanticized depictions like the pic below in RotK after getting acquainted with the academic literature written about the Three Kingdoms period.
To quote the historian Rafe de Crespigny, "Shu-Han was founded as a warlord enterprise in a provincial state, and it never became anything more." For those of you who're curious and don't mind spoilers to the story, this article (where the quote is from) offers a nice concise history on this period: https://digitalcollections.anu.edu.au/html/1885/42048/3KWJin.html
Such a beautiful poem, no doubt more beautiful in the original tale due to the conciseness of written-Chinese. There're many poems included in Luo Guanzhong's Romance of the Three Kingdoms but excluded in the manga. It's nice to see this one was kept in and I hope my translation hasn't butchered it.
Ahh, the feigned-retreat. Probably the most successful battle tactic in history.
I think Ma Chao is in his mid-30s while Zhang Fei's either in his mid-40s or pushing 50s at this point.
Sorry for the break but I'll get this volume wrapped up before doing the next Zero volume. Also, I've messed up the chapter title order in the table of contents page. I'll have it fixed for the volume-release.

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18 August 2013

Gyanki-Hen volume 8 (last updated Sept 3)

Sorry for the long break since releasing Punpun, but you know how life can be. Especially when a new video game comes out and you're battling over half the world as the Papal States. In any case, I've had my gaming-fix (until Rome 2 comes out), so I'll be going back to a more regular schedule.
So here's a new chapter of Zero to kick things off! I'll be releasing a new chapter each day, though alternating between Zero and Sangokushi. As for Tomorrow's Joe, my typesetter has left temporarily due to life, but we should be able to resume once I'm done with Zero Part 2 (I have all the raws), which ends at volume 10. And I swear to god, I'll REALLY REALLY REALLY PRIORITIZE Joe once I'm done with Zero part 2. I really want to get that series done sometime in 2014.
Nope, not significant at all.
Sidekicks are so much better in part 2 compared to part 1.
You think they would've just tied the rope around something...
Don't you just love how everyone in a Fukumoto-manga constantly looks shocked even at mundane statements?
Sorry for the absence of releases over the weekend.
One more chapter to go.

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