30 May 2011

Tomorrow's Joe v07 (finished)

Tried my best but Tomorrow's Joe surprisingly has a lot of dialogue bubbles and it's taking a tediously long time for me to work my way through it so unfortunately, I don't think I can quite wrap up all of volume 7 by the end of tomorrow. However, I'll upload what I have done for now, which is until the end of Joe's fight with Wolf. I should definitely be able to finish the rest of v7 by the end of the first week of June.

Update: Alright, it's finally done. I think from v8 and on, I'll just release ~30 pages per week instead of trying to do an entire volume in a month because I don't think I can keep that pace up, especially when I want to do Sangokushi and other projects as well.

Tomorrow's Joe v07:   Mediafire

25 May 2011

Historie c69

After another month without Historie, we get a new exciting chapter as the story gears towards the siege of Byzantium and Perinthus. One thing I'm a little confused about this chapter as a person who is not so knowledgeable about classical greek history is the Chares the Hero comment. I believe the war that happened 15 years ago is referring to the Social War but google says nothing about Chares actually fighting and crushing the Persian army. So if there are any history buffs out there, is this just another little historical deviation that Iwaaki is introducing to the story or am I just uninformed?

Also, on an unrelated note as an excited fan, Go Canucks Go! Please make third time be the charm.

Historie c69:   Mediafire

9 May 2011


Here's a present from GWR and I for you Matsumoto Taiyou fans. A fully scanlated version of his oneshot, "Flower." A little hard to give a brief synopsis without spoiling the story but it's basically about a certain mask-making family and their son who shuts himself out from the world.

It's actually loosely adapted from the play "Perhaps a Paradise Lies Beyond That Light" by the Kurotent play troupe. The version that GWR scanned from is the special edition that comes with the original script of the play, but I was too lazy to translate it (since I'm really just in it for Matsumoto Taiyou) and they couldn't find anyone to do it so our apologies for that. In any case, I hope you enjoy it!

Also, I know it may look like I'm not really working on waters nor Joe since I'm releasing everything but those two but I actually am. It's just that I'll be releasing those as full volume batches (for waters, I'll be releasing v1 and 2 at the same time since it's complete at 2 volumes) so it'll be awhile before I release them.

Flower:   Mediafire

5 May 2011

Zombies and Penises

Got two short releases for you today. One is the oneshot "Survival of the Dead" by Kigitsu, as previously mentioned in the v6 extra. It's really meant to be a promo for George Romero's film of the same name so you'll have to watch the movie if you want to see what happens after (I haven't watched it myself but I've heard some negative things about it).

The second release is an infamous Berserk doujin released at Comiket 79 by Studio Tar titled "Shiru Shiru Schierke," also known as the Penislayer doujin. It's obviously 18+ material, so you are forewarned. But in any case, for a H-doujin, it really is quite an excellent piece. Faithful artstyle that even Miura himself would commend as well as being flat out hilarious. Enjoy!

Survival of the Dead:   Mediafire
Shiru Shiru Schierke:   Mediafire

2 May 2011

Kongming's Persuasion

Chapter 136 is out, which means volume 24 is now translated and what a volume it was! And the best part is that it'll only get better on from here, since this war is only just getting started. Sadly, it'll be awhile before I get to the next volume. My plans for May is working on Joe, finishing up Waters, and translating several other projects that I'm working on with other groups. So my apologies if I can't get around to translating more mind games between Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang this month.

Sangokushi v24:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c136:   Mediafire

1 May 2011

Franken Fran c50

We sure are getting a lot of Fran these days, aren't we? Well, we should technically be all caught up now with the latest chapter so don't expect the next chapter until a few more weeks. However, Amuro and I will shortly be doing another Kigitsu oneshot titled "Survival of the Dead" (which was mentioned in the v6 extra) since Vexed has it scanned. Enjoy the chapter.

Franken Fran c50:   Mediafire