26 February 2012

Historie c74

What, the triremes aren't mere sketches!? Damn, I guess Iwaaki's really getting fired u-
>no chapter next month

Oh well, at least this arc's a lot of fun to read. Makes me want to wish for Rome 2 TW already so I can have fun ramming triremes too. On the matter of Vinland Saga, there's no chapter this month. Something about his family catching the flu I think according to his twitter.

*Note: I've accidentally titled the historie chapter as Siege of Two Cities part 5, when it should be part 6. It's too minor of a mistake for me to care and fix it so bear with it.

Historie c74:   Mediafire

5 February 2012

Farewell, Franken Fran

Here they are, chapters 60 and 61 of Franken Fran. I wanted to get this out by yesterday to coincide with my 3rd-year anniversary as a scanlator, but real life unfortunately got in the way. As I said before, chapter 61 is unfortunately the last chapter of Franken Fran. I'll withhold myself from spoiling anything, but I will say that like the ending of Black Jack, it lacks a certain oomph that episodic series ought to have in their end. In any case, Franken Fran v8 is set to come out in Japan on the 20th of this month, so hopefully it won't be too long until I can get scans to translate the little extra that Kigitsu puts at the end. We probably won't get an actual omake chapter, since I would assume the space for that is taken by the 2nd Phase20 oneshot but one can always hope.

In other news, Kigitsu isn't going to be slacking around as she's getting right into her next new series titled "Hasami-Onna" (Scissors-woman) which'll start in next- No wait, actually I think it's this month's issue of Champion Red. Perhaps that in itself might imply Kigitsu put an end to Franken Fran as she had other ideas she wanted to try but not have it constrained by the usual format of Franken Fran. But I can't say anything for certain until I see what her new manga will be like.

Oh, and to those who want to ask me if I'll pick up her new manga, my answer is no (for the time being) since I want to give additional focus to finishing up Joe. So if you're a translator and you like Kigitsu, hopefully you'll take the initiative. If not, I'll probably come back to it once I finish Joe.

Note: Apparently, I'm a fucking retard who never bothered to check up his sources because Kigitsu is actually a man (like everyone thought before being told otherwise). I don't know where I initially heard this from and even mangaupdates (though I guess that's not a very reliable database at all) had his gender listed as female. In any case, I've learned my lesson to always check sources first.

Franken Fran c60:   Mediafire
Franken Fran c61:   Mediafire