16 August 2019

Futago no Teikoku v4 (last updated Jan. 13)

Although Futago no Teikoku started back in 2015, it only has 3 released volumes and a total of 23 (?) chapters so far. And that's because Kitou Mohiro was suffering from spinal stenosis and had to undergo back surgery (source: http://evening.moae.jp/news/4486), which naturally caused the series to go on a break last year while he focuses on rehabilitation. Since there are magazine-raws floating around up to chapter 23 on the internet, MangadexScans and I will do it up to there and hopefully it won't be too long before Kitou's health recovers well enough to return to work.

*Update: Just gonna put all the individual chapter releases that will probably be included in the as yet unreleased volume 4 under this post for now.

Futago no Teikoku c19:   Mega
Futago no Teikoku c20:   Mega
Futago no Teikoku c21:   Mega
Futago no Teikoku c22:   Mega