28 October 2011

Phocion the Good

After the several month-long break, Historie is finally back! Enjoy the chapter, I know I did. Also, the last page is an ad about Eumenes' board game being included with every volume of Historie v7 set to come out on Nov. 22. Too bad the pieces aren't carved figures, though that'd jack up the prices by quite a bit. As with the previous volumes, v7 will be scanlated so we can get the fixed-up art. The previous HQ rescanlations were done by Project Scanlations but its site has since then gone down so I'm not exactly sure who'll do it this time. Nevertheless, you have my word that it will get done.

Historie c71:   Download

15 October 2011

Franken Fran c57

Alright, I got some good news and bad news so gather around. The good news is that new Franken Fran is out and Zero part 2 volume 1 will be out in Japan on Oct. 17. Of course, it'll still be some time until it's scanned and translated but we should definitely be able to see how the golfing match turned out in the near future. The bad news is that Amuro, my editor/cleaner/professional joke-maker for Franken Fran is resigning from the project. You can read more about that on his blog.

So in short, I need a volunteer to help me on this project. Requirements are cleaning/typesetting/editing experience and a sense of humour (I've rather grown fond of reading Amuro's jokes at the end of every chapter and I'd like to continue that if possible).

Franken Fran c57:   Mediafire

2 October 2011

Parasyte Doujin

Since Iwaaki hasn't released any Historie in over 3 months, I thought I'd try to make things up to you guys by translating this Parasyte doujin. Yes, you heard me correctly. A goddamn doujinshi of Parasyte that was released in the most recent Comiket 80. The story is an alternate retelling of events from when Tamura Reiko is about to hand over her child to Shinichi in the park. Obviously, if you haven't read Parasyte, you'll be lost so please do read the manga before.

Seizon Senryaku!
This picture's not from the doujin but I thought I might as well post it since I found it amusing and it was also drawn by the same artist who drew this doujin. Also, speaking of doujins, does anybody happen to have that Ever17 one I translated years ago? Mediafire had this bug some time ago where it randomly deleted some of my files including the Ever 17 one and the backup I kept on my hard drive was lost when my last laptop died... I really hope someone out there still has it saved.

Tamurabon: Mediafire