21 December 2012

Goodnight Punpun v11 (finished)

Just a preliminary post to inform people that I'll start on 2pm EST/11am PST on the 24th. I'll post the link here when I start. In any case, here's the first chapter I posted tonight to tide people over until the 24th.

Hope you guys enjoyed the volume. Also, v14 is apparently set to be the final volume. Enjoy your holidays, folks.

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Dropbox is messing with me right now so use this filefront link for now in case sendspace fails.

11 December 2012

Ma Chao's Retaliation

And another volume is done. I hope you enjoyed the introduction of guys like Ma Chao, Pang De, and Xu Huang because they'll remain important for most of the story. Seeing how strong the armies of Xiliang are this volume, you really have to wonder just what the hell Ma Teng was doing all this time (Red Cliffs, for example) given that he also signed that blood-oath to destroy Cao Cao. And indeed, this is something that isn't supposed to make sense since actual historical records show him to have hardly cared for the Emperor's cause. But it makes for a fun story and that's all that really matters. Also, you might've noticed some of Ma Chao's troops are actually using shields and had quite different-looking armour, most likely as a part of Yokoyama's attempt to differentiate the Qiang-heavy Xiliang armies. It comes across as a little ironic, though, since using shields would be more a marker of Chinese-ness than foreignness. But that's what you get when a Japanese mangaka is working in a time when Japan and China had very little friendly interaction and the only readily accessible pictorial materials were Edo-era prints that superimpose the idea of Japanese warfare to the scenes of war in Water Margin or Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

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5 December 2012

Tomorrow's Joe v11 (last updated Jan. 30)

Sorry for the 2 month break but it's time to get things rolling again. Much thanks to Arles for typesetting and Happyscans for cleaning as usual.
In case you're wondering, the Spanish lines I have for Carlos are originally written in English. I changed it since that not only makes more sense considering he's from Venezuela, but also to preserve the foreign language effect that Japanese speakers would've had when reading the original version.
Winter Break is over so it's time to get back on track with Joe.
Double release of Joe!

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3 December 2012

Updates and Sangokushi v31 (last updated Dec. 9)

First off, to address the question that's probably on everyone's mind... No, I don't have Punpun raws yet. The volume was only released 3 days ago so give me a break. I'm waiting just as much as you for the raws, especially since the reviews online are making v11 sound like it's almost as crazy as Eva 3.0. However, I will give a specific release date and that's the 24th. And yes, I'll release the whole volume the same way as last time. So please, no more questions on this. In the meanwhile, I'll be resuming scans for both Joe, Sangokushi, and if all goes well, the 2 volumes of Alabaster as well sometime this winter.

*Also, I've decided to move over to dropbox for uploading batch volume files from now on and the once-broken mf links on my projects page is finally all fixed. Since the free account only gives me 2.5gb of space, I've had to divide it up into 3 dropboxes. Dropbox #1Dropbox #2Dropbox #3.  Sangokushi gets its own mediafire since MF doesn't have a problem with me uploading those. Sorry for all the inconvenience up until now.

Now then, time to start v31! Since when is getting attacked by tigers a good dream?
I think Ma Chao definitely has the best-looking helmet in the manga.
Definitely one of the more creative ways to take a city.
And at last, Xu Huang makes his introduction. My 2nd favourite Wu general after Zhang Liao. I'm not sure why Yokoyama saved him for as long as he did.
Always making excuses, Cao Cao. That's why we love you. Just be glad that Yokoyama left out the shamefully humorous part where you cut off your beard in order to escape being caught by Ma Chao's men.
I love this panel. Xu Chu's desperately trying to save Cao Cao, who only looks mildly annoyed at the fact his life is in danger.

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