24 February 2014

Tomorrow's Joe v15

Volume 15 is now out! Hope you'll enjoy the volume, as did I. Kajiwara and Chiba did well in making Kim Yong-bi, a throwaway character in essence, into an intimidating foe that doesn't feel so "throwaway." Definitely the most significant opponent outside of the 3 major guys (Rikiishi, Rivera, Mendoza). On an interesting trivia-note, the Korean edition changed Kim into a Thai boxer by the name of King Cobra (seriously now?) due to localization decisions.

If things go well, v16 will come out next week.

Tomorrow's Joe v15:   Sendspace;   Mega

11 February 2014

Tomorrow's Joe v14

Ta-da! Volume 14 is done, thanks to the 3 people who volunteered to typeset. I don't really need anymore now since I can't really translate fast enough to continually give scripts to 4 typesetters. It's gonna be full steam-ahead until the end from here on. Expect a volume roughly every 2-3 weeks. We're aiming to finish before summer is upon us.

Tomorrow's Joe v14:   Mega;   Sendspace
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All previous volumes can be downloaded here at my mega: Click for link

1 February 2014

Tomorrow's Joe v13 (Finally)

Well would you look at that: http://hoxtranslations.blogspot.com/2013/02/joes-slump.html

That means in the span of one whole year, I managed to get out 2 FREAKING VOLUMES of Joe. Clearly, this is unacceptable, and it can't continue if I'm to finish Joe this year. So I am hereby calling a temporary hiatus on everything I translate that's not called Tomorrow's Joe until it's finished. I think I'd ideally need at least 2 or 3 more typesetters (each with a fair amount of free time) to get the remaining 7 volumes done by the end of the year. So if you have some typesetting experience and want to help out, please do email me. In the meantime, I'll just busy myself translating all the way to v20, and once all the scripts are done, it shouldn't be hard to quickly pump out releases. Joe WILL be finished this year, no matter what happens. Happyscans and I are not backing out from that promise.

Tomorrow's Joe v13:   Mega;   Sendspace (missing p129 fixed)