30 July 2018

Ad Astra v6 (complete)

I was fortunate enough to have Nixbrod the editor quickly respond to my help-wanted post, so here it is. Chapter 32 of Ad Astra, which starts off volume 6. My planned pace is just to do one chapter a week until we wrap up this series, so we can't beat the frogs who will very soon have the final 13th volume translated officially in just a few months. Still, it's better than having this series be stuck without a translator for the English-only speakers.

*I am resuming work on Kamui-den so don't think I've forgotten about that series.

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25 July 2018

Ad Astra Help Wanted

I remember being asked to translate Ad Astra, the manga about the 2nd Punic War, a looong time ago when only the 1st volume had come out and there were no English translations. At the time, I had my reservations about the series quality (not really a fan of its art style) and I also didn't feel like picking up another ongoing manga. However, since it's now complete in Japan at 13 volumes and there seems to be a lot of history fans wanting to see this get picked up by somebody ever since Turnip Farmers dropped it, I thought I might give it a shot. So if there's someone experienced/competent at cleaning (with the occasional redrawing) and typesetting, contact me here or via email if you want to help out.

24 July 2018

Historie 105

Sorry this chapter took so long for me to do. This was actually last month's chapter, meaning the next chapter will come out in Japan around this time of the month in August. But yeah, exciting chapter. Can't wait to see what future chapters will hold.

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20 July 2018

Some Thoughts on Diplomacy and War (An Exercise in Literary Chinese - Part 5)

At the end of part 4, we finally managed to cover the Zhanguo Ce chapter in which Yan Lu's diplomatic finesse managed to save Zhou from a Qin invasion and protect the nine-ding. I assume for many people, their first reaction to this story might be a minor nod of interest and then to move on. However, I think there's a bit more to mine from this story on the relationship of diplomacy and war. Or at least, I'm going to over-analyze it so I can fill out this post. So for the conclusion of my 5-part series on literary Chinese, I'll make an argument that to conceive of diplomacy and war as mutually exclusive alternatives to each other is to limit the effectiveness of both.