A little about myself and this scanlation group. Hox Scanlations (or Hox just for short) is a manga scanlation group run by a single dude who goes by the moniker, "Hox." Although I've gained a reputation for doing less-mainstream manga, I honestly choose whatever the hell interests me. In fact, my favourite manga is an extremely popular series.

If you ever need to ask/say something to me, send me an email at: kdel7777@gmail.com

Q. What is your name (Hox) from?
A. It's derived from the biology term Hox/homeobox genes.

Q. Are you accepting any suggestions for new projects to translate?
A. Technically yes, as I'm always on the lookout for good manga. Realistically speaking, no, since my to-translate list keeps growing and growing. So if you suggest a manga, chances are I won't actually pick it up anytime soon unless it meets several of these criteria:
i)It's short. Oneshot or ~3 volume length.
ii)It's written/drawn by mangaka I love
iii)It has cool-looking dinosaurs in it.
iv)It's about math. By that, I mean math is THE focus of the manga.
v) It's a historical manga.
vi) It's a Matsumoto Taiyou-drawn 1-volume manga about a talking Velociraptor which travels in time to ancient Babylonia to observe the development of mathematics in the classical age.


Q. Can I upload your releases on mangafox/mangatraders/etc?
A. Of course. Although I am slightly bothered that online mangareaders upload my earlier releases which are likelier to have typos and other mistakes, I really don't care at all. The more readers I can reach the better.

Q. Can I use your translations and retranslate them to French/German/Russian/Braille?
A. You don't even have to ask for permission. Go ahead and do whatever you please. Just keep in mind that I don't have separate .txt/.doc files for the translations since I do the whole scanlation process at the same time. However, if it's for manga that I collaborated with other groups on, then yes, I do have the .doc files.

Q. Why do you never clean your manga? Your manga image quality sucks balls.
A. Two reasons for that. One, I don't know how to clean for shit and never bothered to learn. Two, my personal scanlation philosophy is to emphasize speed over quality (image quality, that is. Not translation quality). There's just sooooooooooooooooooooooo maaaaaaaaannnnnnnnyyyyyyyyy good untranslated manga out there and if I'm ever going to make a dent in my ever-growing to-translate list, I really don't have time to fuss about image quality. However, on occasion, I'll collaborate with other scanlation groups who have competent cleaners/redrawers/editors.

Q. Can I join your group?
A. To be honest, no, not really. I am not looking for nor will I be accepting anyone since I much prefer working alone. When I do need help, I'll be the one to ask for it.

Q. Is there anything  I can do to help out at all? You don't even have paypal.
A. I really don't feel comfortable about receiving payment for a hobby that's well... you know. It's not like I need money, since there's a ton of good untranslated manga that have free available raws on the internet. If you really do insist on helping out somehow, you can buy and scan manga that don't have scans available online already. Of course, I would want you to email me first so we can discuss which manga.