7 May 2015

Sangokushi v46 (complete)

Time to resume after a short break. The Southern campaigns is now kicking into full gear. It's a little odd how long this whole story-line is (5 chapters in novel, 4 and a half volumes in this manga), considering the Nanman tribes are barely mentioned, much less play a role, before and after this arc. In comparison, the hugely important Red Cliffs story-line is 7 chapters long in the novel and 3 volumes long in the manga (counting from Zhuge Liang's arrival to Wu until Guan Yu letting Cao Cao escape). As such, it might feel like a "filler arc," in the loose sense of that word, but it's still an entertaining campaign nonetheless as the exotic southern locale brings surprises unlike any in the story so far. I hope you have fun reading it.

*VOLUME 46 NOW COMPLETE. I'm also going to take a short break and start v47 in June.

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