20 November 2013

Ekrano (Oneshot)

So this is a short Kitou Mohiro oneshot called Ekrano (published in May 2012) that someone requested me to translate long ago and my lazy ass finally got around to translating. At first, I thought it was some odd spin-off of Bokurano purely because of the title similarity, but as the author's note reveals on the final page, the title comes from the Soviet Ekranoplanes, which are extremely low-altitude planes that almost skims the water in flight. In any case, the oneshot is nothing spectacular, but I have to say I did like the mech designs and the setting. Seems like a waste to use on such a short oneshot. It'd be nice if he could do at least a 1-volume story using it. Oh well.

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13 November 2013

Historie c82

Can't wait for the tankoban version of the Acropolis.
Sorry for taking so long with this chapter, but I didn't really feel the need to rush to translate it right away since Historie is a bimonthly series now. But like the page above says, the next chapter will be in December. Also, for those curious about Iwaaki's comments in this chapter, he basically says he's been working on a story he's had cooking for like 10 years now. While working on Historie, he's used his spare time to work out the details of it, and he has a book full of notes concerning the plot and how it should be told. He's then be redoing that entire notebook so it's actually legible for other people so he can (presumably) have some other artist help him with it. In any case, the point is that once he does begin working on this series, it won't interfere with Historie's pace at all since his share of the work will be all done.

Also, for those wondering about Joe, I'm actually translating volume 14 already. It's just that my typesetter Arles is busy with his Kendo international tournaments at the moment so he won't be back home until late November. I hope you guys can understand and wish him luck.

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