30 August 2015

Sangokushi v50 (ongoing)

Finally, volume 50 is complete, meaning I'm 83.3% done! Just 10 more volumes to go. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to finish before the end of the year, but I'm more than confident I can wrap up Sangokushi in early 2016 (March at the latest). For those who don't like the series, thanks for patiently waiting (I'll do lots of short new manga next year), and for those who do like the series, the last leg of the journey will be no short of entertaining battles.

Sangokushi c349:   Sendspace
Sangokushi c350:   Sendspace
Sangokushi v50:   Mega;   Mediafire
All previous Sangokushi volumes:   Mega;   Mediafire

24 August 2015

Historie c91

Here's this month's release. Enjoy!

Historie c91:   Sendspace
All previous volumes using the tankoban scans can also be found on my mega folder.