16 December 2017

End of Year Status Update

Since I've received a few emails regarding my status, this post is just to let people know that I'm fine and have not dropped out from the scanlation scene. Considering it's an 8 year-old hobby that I've grown quite fond of, I honestly think I'll be scanlating manga until I develop arthiritis or some shit that would make it very painful to do so. That being said, the latter half of 2017 has been rather hectic for me, hence the severe lack of releases. There were quite a few history-related book posts I also intended to do, but those got shelved too due to lack of time.

On the upside, I should have more free time in the first half of 2018 to make up for it (most likely, 2 releases for most weeks). So with that, I'll wish people happy holidays since this will be my final post for 2017 (that means I'll be doing the chapters for Historie and a certain other manga in the beginning of January).