2 January 2016

Sangokushi v57 (complete)

Volume 57 is finally done, meaning just THREE MORE VOLUMES TO GO. 
*cue Final Countdown music*

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The kind of commander that legends are made of.
This is a better trick than it seems on the surface. Too bad Sima Yi doesn't realize it.
Quite ironic, since historically, Zhange He didn't want to pursue but Sima Yi ordered him to.
Depending on your views for what justifies war, this can come across as incredibly romantic or stubbornly violent.
'Bout time Sima Yi caught on to Kongming's tricks.
In the novel, Sun Quan only comments on Wei Yan, but in the manga, he makes disparaging remarks on Yang Yi as well. A nice little change that foreshadows future events.
Sucks to be Qin Ming.

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  1. thank you for the release.
    nice reading this volume

  2. I really do love this manga. Thank you.

  3. Say I was Wondering if you can Scan this manga it seems so good it's called Majutsushi² it seems right up your alley.

  4. Yeah I thought so but thanks any way.