5 May 2011

Zombies and Penises

Got two short releases for you today. One is the oneshot "Survival of the Dead" by Kigitsu, as previously mentioned in the v6 extra. It's really meant to be a promo for George Romero's film of the same name so you'll have to watch the movie if you want to see what happens after (I haven't watched it myself but I've heard some negative things about it).

The second release is an infamous Berserk doujin released at Comiket 79 by Studio Tar titled "Shiru Shiru Schierke," also known as the Penislayer doujin. It's obviously 18+ material, so you are forewarned. But in any case, for a H-doujin, it really is quite an excellent piece. Faithful artstyle that even Miura himself would commend as well as being flat out hilarious. Enjoy!

Survival of the Dead:   Mediafire
Shiru Shiru Schierke:   Mediafire


  1. Good lord I'll have nightmares from that doujin.

    Thanks Hox.

  2. Thanks for 'Survival of the Dead'. I don't read hentai so the other one is a no-go for me. Don't like Berserk either (too much rape for me to handle)

    Hey, does anyone know whether Kigitsu Katsuhisa is male or female?

  3. Ugh. I shouldn't try to read the second.

  4. Holy shit Hox, I remember dumping this in the Shierke thread I can't believe actually translated this.

  5. Schierke ;_;

    Loved the part with Guts' dick hanging over his shoulder though. No homo.