25 May 2011

Historie c69

After another month without Historie, we get a new exciting chapter as the story gears towards the siege of Byzantium and Perinthus. One thing I'm a little confused about this chapter as a person who is not so knowledgeable about classical greek history is the Chares the Hero comment. I believe the war that happened 15 years ago is referring to the Social War but google says nothing about Chares actually fighting and crushing the Persian army. So if there are any history buffs out there, is this just another little historical deviation that Iwaaki is introducing to the story or am I just uninformed?

Also, on an unrelated note as an excited fan, Go Canucks Go! Please make third time be the charm.

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  1. Thanks for another wonderful chapter, Hox!

  2. SirCumpherence25 May 2011 at 05:03

    I adore Historie, so thank you for another great chapter, Hox. I'm not an expert about the Greek-Persian and Phillip's wars but here's my thought. The chapter is the opening stage of Phillip's siege of Byzantium in 340-339 BC, where the Athenians and their allies under Phocion successfully resisted the Macedonians after Chares was recalled in disgrace. Chares says that he has been to Byzantium before. Iwaaki might be referring to the successful Greek capture of Byzantium under Pausanias in 478 BC However, there is no record of Chares having fought there and he may have been too young. The townpeople refer to a crushing Greek victory over the Persians. This may be referring to the Battle of the Eurymedon in 466 BC (timing of 15 yrs ago is roughly right) but again no record of Chares being there, let alone in command. Of course, Iwaaki may be even more brilliant and is insinuating about Chares' character, who had a bad reputation historically for exaggerating his own prowess and blaming defeats on others. Woah!

  3. SirCumpherence25 May 2011 at 05:09

    Meant to say, the timing was not right, as the Battle of the Eurymendon took place 26 years prior to Phillip's siege of Byzantium. Also, google Phillip's siege for more cool historical tidbits which has passed into the city's lore! Hint: Hecate

  4. Thanks for the release and the above ^ is interesting.

  5. You're a Canucks fan, HoX? Are you near Van! I'm a long time fan!

    WE'RE GOING TO THE STANLEY CUP FINALS!! First time in 17 years, too!

  6. I want to ask about La Croisades des Innocents. you don't do that series anymore?

  7. Thank you so much! I don't know what it is about Eumenes current character design, but he looks badass. Hopefully he gets a lot of chances to live up to his looks!


    Thanks Hox!

  9. La Croisades des Innocents is on hold because of some "difficulties" I've had with the raw provider and cleaner that I work with for that project (most likely due to them being busy with real life matters).

    Since Croisades should end with its 3rd volume (only 2 volumes are out as of yet in Japan, I believe), just expect me to go through the entire series once the last volume is out in Japan.

  10. my favorite historical manga, with Vinland Saga
    Thanks you so much HOX ! ! !

  11. I don't really know much about history around the Aegean Sea, but reading the chapter I got a strong impression that this stories about Charon are supposed to be only legends, lies, exaggarations, etc.

    It also seems to fit the parallel to our protagonist entering the other city. On one side unknown but genius strategist, on the other side heralded as hero but actually only a bad general.