15 November 2020

Atoll (Sea of Fallen Beasts)

I should have posted this a few days ago but here's a Hoshino Yukinobu oneshot. Why? Well, as GGpX of Illuminati-Manga stated on his site:

So here’s the thing. Hoshino Yukinobu has a lot manga that has been published, but a lot of them have been done in multiple publishers. That’s the case for Horobishi, Distand Dawn, Legend of Giants, etc. So, the result? Multiple covers, more color pages and from time to time, more chapters. You know why Distant Dawn was almost 500 pages? 4 different volumes with a bunch of different stories. Such was the case with Horobishi. I bought a different edition only to find out there was another chapter in there that we didn’t do… because it wasn’t in the volume we scanned. 

This was a special release I helped put out for Illuminati-Manga's 15th anniversary, so go thank them on their site here for all they've done for the manga scanlation community. If you just want to read the new chapter, you can find it on mangadex here. If you want the full updated Sea of Fallen Beasts volume with the new chapter, use the download link below.

Sea of Fallen Beasts: Mega


  1. can you please unprivate your goodreads shelf, I found out about a bunch of cool books there

  2. Yo, just wanted to thank you for translating Yokoyama's Shiji, thanks to your work I was able to understand some of the historical references during my reading of The Water Margin (an example I remember is that a character compared Chai Jin to Lord Mengchang). I hope you are doing well!

  3. Winter approaches. Signs of life fade like the leaves. Will we meet again?

    1. By remembering all the happiness I got, I try to counter the sadness I feel now.Having come so far, I feel warm, Having done so little I feel shame. I regret not acting earlier. Thank you HOX! And thank you who ever wrote that comment above.