18 May 2019

Futago no Teikoku v3 (complete)

Let's move right onto volume 3! Hopefully, Breading Bad and I can finish this volume before August. Also, don't attach that much importance to how I romanize a lot of the character names. Most of the characters are clearly not meant to have Japanese names, and the limited number of vowels/consonants in Japanese is making it difficult to know what English spelling I should give from the Japanese spelling. Even Fa is technically written as "Fua" in Japanese, but I decided to spell it as Fa to make it consistent to the vol. 1 translations and to make it easier on the eyes of English-speakers.

*Update: Yay, volume 3 is finally done! Sorry this took so long and much thanks to Furakutarou and Zephyrus from mangadex for helping me out. Volume 4 tankoban ran into delays in Japan and still isn't out yet, but we're gonna go ahead and do some of the chapters that we have magazine scans for in the near future.

Futago no Teikoku v03:   Mega

Futago no Teikoku c13:   Mega
Futago no Teikoku c14:   Mega
Futago no Teikoku c15:   Mega
Futago no Teikoku c16:   Mega
Futago no Teikoku c17:   Mega
Futago no Teikoku c18:   Mega


  1. This naval duel between battleships hiding in valleys is one of the coolest concepts I've ever read and I didn't expect it to be this entertaining and I hope Kitoh does this all the time.

  2. keep up the good work. I finished chapter 104 of historie and now I will read the others projects of the scan. But I don't think that could be right if I coudn't comment here giving all my thanks for the great job you're doing.

    Cheers from Brazil

  3. Thanks for the chapter. Really good manga.

    Any idea of ​​when the next one will come out?

  4. For anyone whos interested the raws for ch18 have been posted on the comicbunch site
    And you can find ch23 over at rawlh.comhttp://rawlh.com/read-futago-no-teikoku-raw-chapter-23.html

  5. Thanks a lot, hope to see more this year

  6. Ayyyy and I just finished what is currently translated for Bokurano's LN spinoff thingy. Thanks!

  7. You can find the raws to FnT chs 18-22 at:
    And ch23 at:

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  9. I love Hox. Even if Hox doesn't love me (yet), I'm safe knowing that I'm never alone if Hox is somewhere in the distant echoes of the Internet-Hell-Realm (which is mostly populated by barely-sentient-underaged-children and slightly-more-sentient-bots). His presence isn't warm, but it doesn't need to be when considering you take into account his virtuous personality. I love him more than anything in this world! As long as Hox isn't dead, then I'm not either, but of course, I'm useless as a "thing" (unlike Hox), so it matters very little if I'm alive or not. Regardless, I do want Hox to know that as long as I'm alive, I'll be here to protect him from all evil-doers and their putrefactive moral character. I love Hox! Thank you, Hox, for everything. You'll be the last thing I think of when I finally kill myself.

  10. Thank you so much for your continued efforts. You are a precious treasure in this horrible world