3 December 2016

Wombs v02 (complete)

At last, volume 2 is done! I'm not going to start on v3 until January, as I have a few things to wrap up before the end of the year.

Wombs v02:   Mega
Wombs c16:   Mega

With the basic training during v1 now over, v2 will be more combat-focused as well as playing out the mystery angle to the nature of the Niebass and the coordinate space.
The plot thickens.
Definitely wasn't expecting this twist.
Shedd a CUTE.
Sorry for the cliffhanger, since it'll probably be at least 2 weeks before I do the next chapter.
He only wanted a friend. ;_;
This reminds me of how some people think it's much better for a soldier to die than a civilian, but if we're talking about wars involving mostly conscript armies, than is drawing a distinction so important? I mean, you can make a case that the civilian-conscript who went through hell like Ypres or Verdun deserves waaaaay more sympathy than some pregnant wife or kid back home who only had to deal with shitty food rationing.

Wombs c09:   Mega
Wombs c10:   Mega
Wombs c11:   Mega
Wombs c12:   Mega
Wombs c13:   Mega
Wombs c14:   Mega
Wombs c15:   Mega
Wombs c16:   Mega
Wombs v02:   Mega


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    1. Thank you!!! This and Historie are my favorite seinen manga!

    2. Thanks, Hox