13 June 2018

Futago no Teikoku v3 (last updated June 22)

Let's move right onto volume 3! Hopefully, Breading Bad and I can finish this volume before August. Also, don't attach that much importance to how I romanize a lot of the character names. Most of the characters are clearly not meant to have Japanese names, and the limited number of vowels/consonants in Japanese is making it difficult to know what English spelling I should give from the Japanese spelling. Even Fa is technically written as "Fua" in Japanese, but I decided to spell it as Fa to make it consistent to the vol. 1 translations and to make it easier on the eyes of English-speakers.

Futago no Teikoku c13:   Mega
Futago no Teikoku c14:   Mega


  1. This naval duel between battleships hiding in valleys is one of the coolest concepts I've ever read and I didn't expect it to be this entertaining and I hope Kitoh does this all the time.

  2. keep up the good work. I finished chapter 104 of historie and now I will read the others projects of the scan. But I don't think that could be right if I coudn't comment here giving all my thanks for the great job you're doing.

    Cheers from Brazil