2 January 2018

Wombs v5 (complete)

Final volume of Wombs. I plan to get it done before March and have a Some Thoughts post to accompany the ending.
Another eventful chapter. Things will get increasingly intense from hereon until the end.
I guess this answers why the Seconds haven't been able to unlock the transfer-tech.
Good to see the gang back together again.
Oh shit!
Of all the twists possible, I definitely didn't expect this one.
Just two chapters and the epilogue left!
The last chapter and the epilogue will be released together, maybe a week from now, possibly a little later. Released here.

Wombs c33:   Mega
Wombs c34:   Mega
Wombs c35:   Mega
Wombs c36:   Mega
Wombs c37:   Mega
Wombs c38:   Mega
Wombs c39:   Mega
Wombs c40:   Mega
Wombs c41:   Mega
Wombs c42+Epilogue:   Mega
Wombs v5:   Mega
All previous volumes:   Mega


  1. It's nice to see you back.

  2. Ooh. So looking forward to this. Thank you!