2 January 2018

Wombs v5 (complete)

Final volume of Wombs. I plan to get it done before March and have a Some Thoughts post to accompany the ending.
Another eventful chapter. Things will get increasingly intense from hereon until the end.
I guess this answers why the Seconds haven't been able to unlock the transfer-tech.
Good to see the gang back together again.
Oh shit!
Of all the twists possible, I definitely didn't expect this one.
Just two chapters and the epilogue left!
The last chapter and the epilogue will be released together, maybe a week from now, possibly a little later. Released here.

Wombs c33:   Mega
Wombs c34:   Mega
Wombs c35:   Mega
Wombs c36:   Mega
Wombs c37:   Mega
Wombs c38:   Mega
Wombs c39:   Mega
Wombs c40:   Mega
Wombs c41:   Mega
Wombs c42+Epilogue:   Mega
Wombs v5:   Mega
All previous volumes:   Mega


  1. It's nice to see you back.

  2. Ooh. So looking forward to this. Thank you!

  3. Thank you, came here just for Kitoh but will try this as well. Also Soil and Planet of Sutakola.