7 November 2016

Yakeppachi no Maria v2 (complete)

Whew, Yakeppachi no Maria is done at last! Didn't think a 2-volume project would take so long, but you know how real life can be. Like I said before, and as Tezuka himself states in the translated afterword included at the end of v2, Yakeppachi no Maria's is Tezuka's "yakeppachi" at the rapidly changing manga world of the late 60s and 70s where the younger generations were eager to break taboos that the older generations had been confined to. With this context in mind, I think it's a neat little work that deserves to be translated even if the execution wasn't great (talk about a rushed ending!). For a legend like Tezuka, sometimes, the intent is as interesting as to read into as much as the actual works themselves, and Happyscans and I hope that reading this manga has given you a better idea into Tezuka and his career.

And Tezuka's wacky attempt at sex education and a delinquent manga continues.
I can only imagine the sheer anger this would trigger among today's left.
Why Macaroni? Everyone knows penne is the worst pasta.
Well, this quirky story got DEEP all of a sudden. Just 2 more chapters left and I'll finish it within a week's time.


  1. You are hanging out with the wrong spectrum of lefties Hox. In Engel's "The origin of family, private property and state" there are many sections were he describes modern day marriage (hetero-normative) as a form of prostitution, were women gave up the right to their bodies (not only sexually but regarding domestic work too) in exchange of economic sustenance.

    1. I was more referring to the fact that if marriage is a sacred bond that confers legitimacy or makes it socially acceptable for the express view of making babies, that would go against the whole giving LGBTQRSWUXYZ the right to legally marry.

    2. Marriage might be an oppressive institution, but that's no reason not to expose the hipocresy of a democratic society where not all their citizens are entitled to the same rights. Then again, the dominant feminist and queer movements are a bit too reformist for my tastes.

  2. Not to be a downer but theres a spelling error on that second example page you show in this post =P You used "where" instead of "wear".