13 August 2016

Planet of Sutakola v1

KATOU SHINKICHI IS BACK! Actually, this is a belated remark, considering he spent the past 9 years working on Planet of Sutakola, which just wrapped up in 2015 with its 5th volume, but it's still worth celebrating since Katou Shinkichi is very sparse with his manga output. As a big fan of him, I've been waiting for ages to read this, so I'm doubly excited to start translating it, thanks to Habanero scans providing me with raws and Kennit with cleaning/typesetting. The first volume is merely the opening act to this SF-fantasy tale, so it brings up a lot of questions that'll only be answered in the subsequent volumes, which is when the plot will really begin to take shape. I'll release v2 sometime this winter.
But really, Katou's artwork is so superb that even if you can't follow the story, the manga's still a joy to look at. As a mangaka who started drawing manga in a simple and deformed artstyle, Katou's one of those few artists that knows when to be detailed and when to be simple, leading to an art style that's not trying to be some bland attempt at realism nor a cookie-cutter manga aesthetic.

In other news, I'll be starting up translations for Kaneko Atsushi's Soil this September for those of you who've been dying for years to see how that mystery wraps up. Finally the frogs won't be the only one who can read the ending.

Planet of Sutakola v01:   Mega


  1. Thank you for picking this up! Been keeping an eye on it for a while now.

    As for news on Soil... Well, that just made my day.

  2. Many many many thanks for picking Soil up... Such a great and unique manga that was left in Kotonoha's limbo.

  3. I'm salivating at the visual feast that lay before me; thank you so much! The prospects of Soil returning have put a big smile on my face as well.

  4. Oh my gosh, I've been waiting for this manga for years. Thank you so much for picking up this gem. Really made my day!

  5. Man that was an incredible experience, bu i have one question, is the kid really his kid? or an attached being like the Jelly boys?

    Also getting some Soil could perfectly be one of the best news of this year, thanks a lot for picking it up!

    1. I don't think he's his actual son, but I don't think he's some sort of programmable jelly boy pet either. I haven't read any of the other volumes yet, to be honest.