27 August 2016

Historie Update

Chapter 97 is out. Good chapter. Will be interesting to see how Eumenes' new determination will play out during and after Philip's approaching demise.

Important note by Iwaaki that he'll be taking a brief break to do his usual art fix-ups for v10 release. So we probably won't see the next chapter until either late this year, or start of next year. I will be putting out v10 once I see any tank scans for that pop up on the internet though.

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  1. Best chapter in a long while for me, all the previous chapters culminated into this one quite well. Amusingly enough it was practically Isekai-tier with how everyone reacted to him but then again he really is head and shoulders above everyone at this point, he's just thinking far ahead about the long run where he'd be doomed from internal and external enemies which foreshadows the future.

  2. so wiki says they will have 2 children together, interesting :D wonder what our mc will do run away or stay, probably stay because i believed he has an existing counterpart who was part of macedonien army. hope we get to see they next chapter soon

  3. This chapter has a lot of foreshadowing,
    1) Eumenes's race (not Macedonian) is brought a lot of times here.
    2) Direct meeting Alexander and his current pals - most of them will fight with Eumenes after Alexander's passing.
    3) Eumenes rebuking Alexander, this will occur a numbers of times.
    Those are just a few.

  4. Hox, do you know if raws for volume 10 are out or not? I really appreciate everything you are doing and eagerly waiting for 10th volume. Thank you

    1. Looking at amazon.jp, v10 is set to be sold on Jan.23, 2017. So it definitely won't be anytime until then at the soonest for raws to come out.

    2. Ahh, I see, thank you very much!

  5. Many thanks once again for working on this chapter, Hox!