9 April 2013

Sangokushi v33 (last updated Apr. 20)

I was originally planning to work on the new volume of Zero right after finishing Alabaster, but I'm afraid I've yet to find raws for it. So in the meantime, I'll get started on Sangokushi again.
I've gotta side with Huang Quan here. You think that with all the natural barriers that Zhang Song's been going on about, they'd be able to fend off an invasion from Zhang Lu if they really tried. The soldiers might be inexperienced, but as later chapters show, they've got some good capable generals to lead them.
Interesting how Liu Bei's leaving Kongming behind for this campaign. I somewhat expect that may have to do in part with Pang Tong's desire to prove himself to his new lord, an significant aspect which will later resurface in the story...
In the manga's original dialogue, the reference to Hongmen Banquet was omitted. I, however, added it back in since it's quite fitting and more people in the West could stand to learn about the Chu-Han contention. Oh, how I wish I could begin translating Yokoyama's manga adaptation right now but I still have 27 volumes of Sangokushi to take care of first...
Even a warlord isn't safe from the wrath of his own mother.]
Funny how Cao Cao's words always come back to bite him on the ass.
Considering that a huge ball of gas and fire was about to fall on top of you, I'd say that's a bad dream.

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  1. The heavens mandate Sangokushi b4 Zero!

  2. Ooh, and volume 8 of Zero comes out in a week. I guess we'll be getting a double dose once raws show up.

  3. Awesome! Thank you so much for more Sangokushi!

  4. Although Zero is alright, I think you would do a great contribution to our presence, if Sangokushi could finally be finished. The reason is that there is not one finished scanlated manga series of Romance of The Three Kingdoms in the world. The world! Your version of Sangokushi would be the first and maybe one of the most important fan contribution of Asian literature to the western world. I know literally hundreds of people who have never heard about this Chinese classic and simply lack the ressources to ever learn what this masterpiece is really about it. Except for the novel translations of Moss Roberts and some other shortened versions of the novel, there are literally no other works to this masterpiece. Finishing this work alone will be one of your biggest contributions to the literature world, forever!

    1. Including Ashita no Joe, I agree!

    2. Best contribution was already done with "The Legend of the Strongest Man, Kurosawa".

  5. first of all
    thanks man for your hard work you are awesome
    a want to talk with you via mail
    can i have your e-email?

  6. Where do you take Zero's Raws?

    1. For Zero, I've always managed to find them on google.

  7. This blog


    seems to have comments about the latest Zero volume, but Google translator isn't that great for japanese

  8. Here there are all posts about Zero


    The little things I could understand from Google translator imply that the "rescue Kijurou" arc has already ended.