28 January 2013

Sangokushi v32 (last updated Feb 16)

I wonder if a Native American can just keep his regular name if he becomes a taoist?
A quick word about the duel's conclusion. In the manga, you might think that the Xiliang forces were cheap and ignoring proper dueling conduct but in the original novel, they only come charging out because they feel threatened by Xiahou Yuan and Cao Hong, who were coming out to stop the duel. Of course, in the actual Records of the Three Kingdoms, there is no mention of a duel between Xu Chu and Ma Chao, though it does say Xu Chu did glare Ma Chao down until the latter retreated.
Jia Xu is one of the most underrated strategists in the novel in my opinion. The few times he appears, he shows Zhuge Liang-levels of prescience and wisdom. It's a shame he only shows up very rarely once defecting to Cao Cao. I wonder why that is? Maybe he was historically not that talented and couldn't accomplish much. Or maybe his lords never appreciated his advice all that much.
Absolutely brilliant plan.
Not to be confused with the imperial seal that Sun Jian found earlier on in the story (I think).
China's distinctive cliff-mountains really are breathtaking.
Don't you just hate it when UPS does this?

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  1. thx hox so happy got new chapter today
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  3. Xie xie, Hox-sifu!

  4. Thank you so much for the new chapters! I really enjoy the 3 Kingdoms story.
    Just to correct about ch.197, at page 111 and 127, it's Pang De and not Pang Tong.

  5. Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!

  6. Not just Jia Xu (although in Ravages of Time, Jia Xu kick even more ass with his brain), even Xu Shu was force to join Cao Cao but did nothing note worthy later on (in real life, he was given to post of Imperial Secretary which he live on it quite well but he didn't really help Cao Cao in any meaningful way). I think is Cao Cao's nature to distrust smart guys.

  7. I read on the kodansha website that the new Volume of Gyanki-hen comes out on 15rd of March. So it's another month to go.