5 January 2012

Tomorrow's Joe v08 (last updated Feb.21)

Alright, time to get a move on Joe again. Helping me with this project now will be Happy Scans (cleaning) and Arles, who kindly volunteered to do the typesetting for me. For the time being, my plan is to release a 20~30 page chapter every weekend. Not quite as fast as I'd ideally want, but my own life restricts me from going any faster than that. In any case, you're gonna love this volume as it has the showdown we've all been waiting for.
Truly a classy antagonist to remember for the ages.
I really like Chiba Tetsuya's faces for each of the audiences.
Such a Yabuki-esque thing to do.
Can't stop chuckling at how Rikiishi looks here.

Tomorrow's Joe   v08-1:   Mediafire
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  1. The scan looks... weird, I must say.

  2. By "the" showdown, you mean Rikiishi, right?

    Thanks for the chapter. Joe looks pretty psycho on that cover.

  3. Mind uploading a picture of the "weird-looking" pages for me? I've gotten another person saying the image quality looks pretty bad, and I'm wondering if the file just got corrupted when uploading or if it's my monitor settings.

  4. Looks fine in Irfanview, but it broken when opened by CDisplay.


  5. Oh alright, I guess it's just a CDisplay problem then. I have no idea what the cause is so if you have troubles, the best advice I can give is to switch mangaviewers to something like mangameeya or honeyview.

  6. Keep up the good work on Joe!

  7. just read the first volume and... wow.. such a good manga!!

  8. Welp, chapter 5 works in CDisplay so I got no idea what was wrong with the earlier chapters. Either way, this book is great and you are great for translating it.

  9. Gah! Not sure I can wait after part 5's cliffhanger..

  10. thank you very much!