9 January 2012

Sangokushi v26 (last updated Jan. 16)

Alright, enough loligagging. Time for some manly men doing manly things! Here's the first chapter of the volume that contains probably the most famous battle of RoTK so I hope you enjoy it. Also, I fixed the cast of characters page (which I'm sure nobody really cares about) for once, which were riddled with dyslexic typos like the picture above.
Assuming that Zhuge Liang didn't actually know voodoo magic and it was just his astute knowledge of the weather, I always wondered why he bothered to do the whole praying-spiel. I think a lot of people say it was to just psyche Zhou Yu out even more, and while I don't disagree with that, I think maybe it just gave Zhuge Liang with more privacy and space so he could make his getaway when the time came.
I'm 99.9% sure chapter 49 of the Brewitt-Taylor translation of Romance of the Three Kingdoms has a mistake in this part because Kongming says Cao Cao will choose to go to North Yiling instead, only to consequently show Cao Cao chose to go to South Yiling in chapter 50. I wish I had the Moss Roberts translation in hand to double check...
Poor guy, he just wanted a promotion...
c148 is out.
Stop tempting fate, Cao Cao.
At least you have a horse.
Hope this chapter doesn't make you think of Cao Cao as just a cruel tyrant. A leader's gotta do what a leader's gotta do.

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  1. Time for me to start this one. I really liked the KOEI games on the subject. :)
    It's my first Yokoyama manga as well...

    Thanks a lot Hox!

  2. SANGOKUSHI!!!!!!!! finally!! this manga is so fucking awesome!! I NEED MORE!

  3. Hooray! thanks man.

  4. Do you ever like to co-operate Mangascreener or Kotonoha? I saw you take over some of their old projects.

  5. fuck yeah! thanks!

  6. Quoting the Moss Roberts translation, chapter 49:
    "Cao Cao wouldn't dare flee by South Yiling, only by North Yiling."

    Later, in chapter 50, Cao Cao asks his soldiers for directions. They sugest the South Yiling road and he accepts.

  7. Oh, so both versions aren't making any sense since Zhang Fei does successfully ambush Cao Cao. What the hell is going on? Does the original Chinese text have that error then?

  8. Download links for bokurano please =)

  9. Sorry, I'll get to uploading that on my MF later today. For the time being, you can either use mangatraders or bakabt instead.

  10. Wow, you've been on a roll lately, Hox. Thanks!

  11. you're awesome Hox ^^ how many chapters does v26 have? I want to read it when the volume is complete, thank you!

  12. Just 2 more chapters left for v26 now. Also, Bokurano volumes have now been uploaded on my mediafire.