28 July 2011

Franken Fran Double Release

Special double release of Fran, chapters 52 and 53 for you all today! Since this covers all the chapters contained in v7, the v7 extra is also included in c53. However, the usual omake chapter isn't included this time, since its slot was replaced by the phase 20 oneshot (previously scanlated). Usual thanks goes out to Amuro and Vexed. The most recent issue of Fran in Japan was actually a double release as well (c54-55) so Amuro and I'll try to have that done by next week. So stay tuned for more Fran.

Franken Fran c52:   Mediafire
Franken Fran c53+v7 Extra:   Mediafire


  1. All this Fran... I don't know if my body can take it.

    You guys are great

  2. Sleeping Fran is cute. Thanks hocks.