4 June 2011

Ping Pong Prologue

Revil linked me to a download link of the raws for a special prologue chapter of Matsumoto Taiyou's Ping Pong that was included in some special edition of Ping Pong, kind of like how the bunkouban versions of No.5 also come with a prologue not present in the normal tankoubons (which reminds me I have to go scan that for GWR). Since KEFI worked from the regular tankoubons and nobody else had translated the prologue yet, I took a little time out of my schedule to do it. So here you go, folks. And if you haven't read Ping Pong already, GO READ IT. Also watch the live action movie adaptation, it's pretty good despite the trend of most movie adaptations of manga being mediocre at best.

Ping Pong c0 (prologue):   Mediafire


  1. will do Hoxmeister. Taiyou rocks.

    looking forward to more of your projects. Also, when your schedule frees up there are a few manga that were left unfinished and it would be cool if you could do them.

  2. You've just pushed my love for Taiyou to a whole new level. Searching out each and every translated manga I can find that I haven't already read.