17 April 2011

Sangokushi v24 (last updated May 1)

I assume the Ashita no Joe fans will hate me for this but I've decided to do Sangokushi v24 before getting started on Joe. Partly because doing Punpun v8 delayed me back a week and a half so if I don't do v24 now, I wouldn't be able to fill my monthly quota, but also partly because I reeeeaaaaaallllly want to do this volume and get to the Battle of Red Cliffs. So my apologies again to Joe fans. Meanwhile for the Sangokushi fans, enjoy chapter 129 with Zhuge Liang being a one-man army debate team.
Sometimes, the best way for a diplomat to forge an alliance with a nation is to insult every officer and its leader. Also, what's the deal with Sun Quan forgetting about Zhou Yu? He's only like, the most important and talented person in all of Wu.
>implying that Zhuge Liang had no idea
 And so begins one of the most memorable rivalries in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
Incompetent!? I'll show him who's incompetent by walking into my own death trap! BRILLIANT. On another note, keen readers will realize this chapter mentions another story involving King Wen, not to be confused with Duke Wen, who was also mentioned previously in v22.
In the original novel, Liu Bei's pretty much clueless about the whole assassination thing, which is why I rather like the changes Yokoyama made in making Liu Bei seem more formidable. Also, I know Zhou Yu is looking kind of a like a dick so far (just like in the novel), but you'll see his brilliance soon enough.
Sadly, everyone's favourite former pirate Gan Ning doesn't have too many scenes in Sangokushi. But he will have one particularly memorable scene a few volumes later so we'll have to make do with that.

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  1. So is Joe next up?

  2. Thanks for doing Sangokushi. :)

  3. Just wanted to thank you for doing sangokushi, it's a cool manga, thank you for translating it ;)

  4. Thanks for the new chapter. :)

  5. normally a delay in Joe would upset me, but this is the battle of Red Cliff we're talking about, i'd gladly make an exception! even the pre-battle is so intense, the actual fight will be amazing!

    thanks, Hox!!

  6. is it just me or is there a problem with c132's mediafire link?

  7. The link works fine for me.

    Thanks for the chapter Hox! You've just made my day :)

  8. rly? cos the links for other chapters work fine for me, only the c132 one is stuck

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  10. Thanks a lot for the new chapters.
    Luckily you're releasing almost with the same pace of the new 3K tv series english fansub, so I can read the manga and watch the same events in the tv drama right afterwards.
    BTW is someone here following it too?
    It's pretty good stuff and I absolutely love its portrayal of Mengde, even more than the Yokoyama's one.

  11. Oh shit, I completely forgot about the new series airing this year. Gonna go download it right away.

  12. what?? what 3k tv series w english fansub? where do i get me some of those??

  13. http://jiang-hu.org/
    They've done up to episode 40 (of 95), which covers the famous "borrowing of arrows" scene.