21 April 2011

Franken Fran c49 and v6 Extra

Here's the v6 extra and c49 of Franken Fran, brought to you by Amuro and Vexed as usual. Yeah, I don't like the colour scheme for Gavrill either. In any case, c50 should be coming shortly by next week or so.

Franken Fran v6 Extra:   Mediafire
Franken Fran c49:   Mediafire


  1. I always thought Gavrill was either blond or a redhead, but blue...?

    Anyways, I actually liked this chapter a lot. Veronica and Gavrill ended up having some sister bonding time, especially since Fran never lets Veronica kill anyone.

  2. Tnx. I remember you had DDLs of all volumes in the old site. I was wondering if you had SnoopyCool's HQ release of v02? Their site got dead links. Any chance you can upload it? I just d/led mine from mangatraders which i'm guessing is the LQ version because it doesn't have the cover/toc.

  3. I believe they should all be on my mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/hox

  4. Awesome chapter, thanks!