19 April 2015

Sangokushi v45 (in progress)

Time for v45, "Liu Bei's Death." Although the volume's title certainly leaves little room for surprises, it'll be a fun read and Zhuge Liang's famous Southern campaigns will finally begin at the end!
It strikes me as very odd that Liu Shan had to stay behind and take care of the capital even as his father was on his deathbed. Since Liu Shan is only like 14 or 15 at this point, it's probably the ministers who're actually taking care of the capital. If that's so, surely they could have let the crown prince see his father one last time.
I don't want to exactly diss on Sima Yi, but... Always bet on Jia motherfucking Xu.
The cauldron full of boiling oil is actually an idea lifted from history, where Liu Bang's advisor Li Yiji was boiled alive during his mission to persuade Qi to surrender. The novel makes an explicit reference to this event but the manga leaves out Li Yiji's name.

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4 April 2015

Sangokushi v44

Going to be non-stop war for quite some volumes from hereon. Although Red Cliffs overshadows the other conflicts of the book in popular media, the wars triggered by Guan Yu's death is another exciting part of the story where the stakes run high. It's a shame the 2010 tv series pretty much skips both the Wei-Wu war and Zhuge Liang's southern campaigns.

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18 March 2015

Sangokushi v43

Onwards with volume 43. More deaths to come, sadly. The early 40s in this series are definitely quite heart-breaking for fans.


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6 March 2015

Sangokushi v42 (complete!)

Back from my longer-than-intended break and ready to really focus on Sangokushi for the rest of the year, to the detriment of my plans for other projects. Expect pretty much a chapter every day unless they're really long as in 50 pages or more, in which case, every other day.


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29 January 2015

Battle of Chaeronea (3)

This chapter actually came out in last month's issue of Afternoon, but I didn't realize that until like last week. Sorry, folks.

Also, CA is fucking incompetent for not having an orderly withdrawal button even after 15 years since the original Shogun Total war.

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6 January 2015

Some Thoughts on the Man and the Manga: Chinggis Khan

Happyscans and I finally bring you the last volume of Chinggis Khan, covering the brilliant, final two decades of his life. I meant to get this done by the end of December like I promised before, but what's life without a few bumps along the road? Now I know far more eloquent and well-learned people than me have already given their opinions on this controversial figure. Still, as a fan of history, there's no way I could pass up the opportunity to give my 2 cents on him, no matter how naive or poorly informed my ideas may be.

*Also, I'll be taking the rest of this month off to watch AGDQ2015 to be a more productive member to society.

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21 December 2014

Terrarium in Drawer (Complete)

Whew, finally done. Took a fuckton more time than I'd anticipated, but I suppose it was worth it. Kui Ryoko seems to be a relatively new mangaka, but man, does she ever know how to tell a story. Clean art, original ideas, and a great sense of timing for telling a story or a joke. Definitely one to keep an eye on. Which chapters were your favourite?

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