4 October 2014

Maneater/Tetsunagi Oni (half done)

I was planning to do more frequent and regular releases, but my life schedule is forcing me to do short bursts of releases instead. So here's chapter 6-11 of Maneater, which finishes up Maneater but only marks the half-way point of the re-released edition of Tetsunagi-Oni which includes both Maneater and Testunagi-Oni for a ~380 page volume as I mentioned before. Although I'm doing this oneshot collection more of as a showcase of Takahashi's art style since many of its stories, although amusing if you like black humour, aren't particularly impressive, there are a few chapters that I like the more I read them. In Maneater, even though I think the titular chapter "Maneater" will no doubt be most people's favourite, the above-pictured "Who's Being Hanged" is the real silent creeper for me due to its possible implications, whether intended by Takahashi or not.

In the second-half, Testunagi-Oni, I have a feeling either Takahashi himself or his usual readers responded most favourably to the titular chapter "Tetsunagi-Oni," hence the collection's title, but "My Father's Face" is by far more chilling for its social commentary. You'll see what I mean when I get to it.

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22 September 2014


I bring you a batch release of chapters 258-265, which finishes off volume 40 meaning....... I'm now 66.666666infinity6666% done with Sangokushi! It's pretty incredible to think I've now done 40 Sangokushi volumes, which is already longer than most manga series. If I don't pick up any more new projects and keep up a pace of about 1.5 volumes/month (definitely doable), I'll actually be able to wrap this series up by the end of next year. That all depends on if I can resist the temptation of picking up a whole bunch of shorter projects, but I'll try my best to give a good final spurt on the final third of this journey since I'd hate it if life handed me the short stick and I had to die with this regret hanging over my mind.

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15 September 2014

Chaeronea at last!

I wasn't expecting to see Chaeronea so soon (I was thinking maybe 2 more chapters before the battle) but thank god we're finally here!

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7 September 2014

Battles at Han River

Chapter 257 marks the end of this volume. It's straight-off to the 40s now! (once I get the new Historie chapter out)

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30 August 2014

Sangokushi v39 (last updated Sept. 6)

I originally planned to finish this volume by the end of August, but I guess I'm now starting this volume at the end of August. Oh well. I'll be doing v39-40 before I get the 3rd volume of Chinggis Khan out, so enjoy Shu's Hanzhong campaign.
In the novel, there's only mention of Huang Zhong shooting an arrow as an underhanded way of drawing Xiahou Yuan into attacking. So by having both sides shoot, we do see some Shu-bias.
Flashes of Changban.
It's rather odd to see Xu Huang act so impatiently, since he's always been the cool-headed general until now who had to restrain others like Cao Hong. I suppose he was too eager to make up for his failure at attacking Zhao Zilong's camps in the previous chapter.
The Brewitt-Taylor translation says Kongming used a "bomb" as a signal. Fire arrow's probably the more believable method for communication at night.

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28 August 2014

Chinggis Khan Volume 2

Happyscans and I bring you the second of five volumes in Yokoyama's Chinggis Khan! If you've read the Secret Histories, then you might find Yokoyama's slight changes to the tale interesting. I won't touch them on it now as I'll save that for the end. In any case, enjoy Temuchin's ongoing tribulations!

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26 August 2014

Takahashi Yousuke's Maneater (last updated Sept. 13)

It's a rarity when you find artists who can grab your attention in an instant even as you're skimming through different manga. Takahashi Yousuke is definitely that sort of artist for me. Although he's an old-timer who made his debut all the way back in '77, I only found about him relatively recently, after hearing that he's adored by (and influenced) guys like Fujita Kazuhiro and Hirano Kouta. And man, no wonder why. His line-work is really something. There's something so seductive about the curves made out by his pen. Same sort of quality that drew me to Hellsing's art. I'll try to do a more in-depth analysis of his artwork in my next some thoughts post, so I'll stop gushing about him for now.

I'm working off the raws of his oneshot collection titled Tetsunagi Oni, but it's actually a reprint-edition which includes both Maneater ('97) and Tetsunagi Oni ('00), which are both oneshot collections. I'll be splitting it for the release so it'll be less confusing for the people who manage scanlation databases. Some of the stories are regrettably "flat" but I want to try and raise more interest in his art. Plus, I realized I've been doing only historical stuff as of late so I thought it'd be a good project to do while doing more Chinggis (v2 coming shortly) and Sangokushi (resuming this week). Release pace will be 1~2 chapters per week. There's 23 chapters in total for this 380-page 2 volume.

P S. His earlier art is actually more experimental in line-work, but I'm a fan of both his old and new styles.

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