26 April 2017

Historie c98

Finally, a new fucking chapter! Unfortunately a short, fluff chapter, apparently due to Iwaaki's work on the recently released tankoban release of volume 10.
On a tangential note, I noticed that Iwaaki's new series, Reiri (he only wrote the story for this), is already at the 3rd volume. Anyone read this yet? Planning on giving it a read this month.

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25 April 2017

Soil v11 (last updated Apr. 25)

Time to begin the last volume at last. I'll probably write a brief summary/explanation about the plot when this volume is over to help people remember and understand, since releases have been sporadic ever since Kotonoha started translating this years ago. There's a couple things even I'm confused about, so I'll have to think about it.

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15 April 2017

Shiji v2: Revenge-Seekers (last updated Apr. 23)

And it's time for v2 of Shiji! This should be more exciting than the first volume, as it's all about famous revenge-stories set in the Southern Chinese kingdoms of Chu, Wu, and Yue and you know what they say about the fiery temper of Southerners... The first two stories will be about Wu Zixu.
The famous whipping of King Ping's corpse is, I think, one of the earliest recorded examples of posthumous sentences, though I would imagine there was probably an earlier instance in the Fertile Crescent. My money would be on ancient Egypt. A more well-known instance in Western history is probably Oliver Cromwell's posthumous hanging and beheading. Wikipedia even has a list.
This incident is probably where Chiang Kai-Shek's famous quote about "Japanese being a mere disease of the skin while Communists being a disease of the heart/internal organs" comes from. Also, the origin behind 臥薪嚐膽 (Wo Xin Chang Dan) was even more confusing than I thought. I have no idea why some Song-dynasty literati decided to add the 臥薪 part when it was never used in the Shiji. However, I did find two interesting theories (not sure how credible, though) on it. One explains how 臥薪 is a corruption of 臥辛 (since 薪 and  are homonyms) which is a contracted form of a phrase meaning, "to rub spice in sleepy eyes." The "rubbing spice in sleepy eyes" is something that the Spring and Autumn Annals of Wu and Yue (a historical record written during the Han Dynasty) does mention for Goujian as an example of the many harsh measures he imposed on himself in addition to licking gallbladder. 

Another explanation is that th蓼薪 (specific type of spicy herb that Goujian rubbed in his eyes according to the Spring and Autumn Annals of Wu and Yue) was misunderstood and corrupted into 臥薪, which would mean sleeping on firewood. If there's a Chinese-speaker who can use the Chinese internet and find a better explanation, let me know.

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1 April 2017

Soil v10 (complete)

It's not an April Fool's joke. Volume 10 is now finally done!

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Past and Present - 04/2017 (last updated Apr. 20)

Been pretty tired and busy lately, which explains why I didn't update much during March. I'll try to do better this month. Also for Soil fans, don't worry, more releases will be coming soon. My editor for that was also tied up last month. And I'll get started on 2nd volume of Shiji this month too.

16 March 2017

Patapata Rosine!! (NSFW)

In case this blog was getting a little too serious/pretentious with all my posts on history and politics, here's one for the common rabble. This is part 3 of Studio Tar's Berserk doujin series which was released back in Comiket 90 (Aug. 2016). I would've done it a lot sooner if anyone bothered to point it out to me, but no one did, and so I only found out about it last week when I was, umm... Researching things for purely academic purposes. *Ahem.* The image quality is rather poor, since I was working with fairly low-res raws, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. There'll be more serious manga releases coming later on.

P.S. I still think part 1 was the best.

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You can get part 1 and part 2 here too.

1 March 2017