Some Thoughts About Good Manga

An ongoing series of blog posts where I post my opinions, usually about manga/comics, but sometimes about other things as well.

Part 3: Sweet Poolside by Oshimi Shuuzou; Babel II by Yokoyama Mitsuteru
Part 4: Aoi Honoo by Shimamoto Kazuhiko; Spinamarada! by Noda Satoru
Part 5: Asakura Sekaiichi
Part 6: Personal Illustrated Reference of Birds/Fish by Morohoshi Daijirou
Part 7: 5000 Kilometers per Second by Manuele Fior
Part 8: Alexandros - Dream for World Conquest by Yasuhiko Yoshikazu
Part 9: A Taste of Chlorine and Polina by Bastien Viv├Ęs
Part 10: Tomorrow's Joe by Kajiwara Ikki and Chiba Tetsuya
Part 11: Webtoons and Panelling
Part 12: 10 Interesting, Non-fiction books
Part 13: Chinggis Khan by Yokoyama Mitsuteru
Part 14: Crayon Shin-chan by Usui Yoshito
Part 15: Books I read in 2015 - Part 1
Part 16: Books I read in 2015 - Part 2
Part 17: Books I read in 2015 - Part 3
Part 18: Sangokushi by Yokoyama Mitsuteru
Part 19: Innocent Children's Crusade by Furuya Usamaru
Part 20: My Name is Nero by Yasuhiko Yoshikazu
Part 21: Books I read in 2016 - Part 1
Part 22: Books I read in 2016 - Part 2
Part 23: Books I read in 2016 - Part 3
Part 24: Books I read in 2016 - Part 4
Part 25: Books I read in 2016 - Part 5
Part 26: Books I read in 2016 - Part 6
Part 27: War of Ideas: Japanese Naval Strategy in WW2
Part 28: Seeing Like a State and Some Thoughts About Modernity
Part 29: Herodotus and Thucydides
Part 30: Hyougemono by Yamada Yoshihiro
Part 31: Soil by Kaneko Atsushi
Part 32: Wombs by Shirai Yumiko
Part 33: Empires and Emperors
Part 34: Adults in the Room by Yanis Varoufakis

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  1. You said on your FAQ page that your favorite manga is a popular one. What is your favorite manga?